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Brad Rister

  • Kentucky Transportation Center

Program Manager




    Brad Rister is the Program Manager for the Pavement, Materials, Geotechnology, and Infrastructure Evaluation section of KTC. His primary research interest is in applying remote sensing technologies as a non-destructive tool to aid in the design, construction, and maintenance phases of transportation projects.  Mr. Rister has published several journal articles on the applications of ground penetrating radar (GPR), LiDAR, infrared thermography, and laser inspection to help engineers forensically analyze transportation infrastructure issues.  Mr. Rister first worked at KTC as a full-time student, and returned to the Center in 2002 after working as a lead project manager for a Congleton-Hacker $43 million medical out-patient facility. He participates in three TRB committees and has served on the Governor’s appointed Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Consultant Selection Committee multiple times. Mr. Rister was a recipient of the national top ten research awards sponsored by both AASHTO and NCHRP for using GPR to determine the size and growth of voids within the Cumberland Gap Tunnel. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Kentucky and an active participant in KSPE, ASNT and NSPE. He earned both a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Civil Engineering from the University of Kentucky, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Civil Engineering.