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Our Strategy

Our Mission:

To provide education, research and service in a scholarly environment in a way that:

  • prepares our students for successful professional careers;
  • addresses the changing needs of our other constituents; and
  • responds to the technological challenges facing the Commonwealth and the Nation.

Our Vision:

The University of Kentucky College of Engineering will be internationally recognized for educating students to meet the global engineering challenges of the 21st century, for conducting pioneering research for the advancement of our society and for serving the needs of the citizens of Kentucky and the nation. We will be ranked as one of the top 50 colleges of engineering in the United States by 2020.

Our Values:

We support the values of the University, and in particular we value:

  • academic excellence and freedom;
  • assessment and continuous improvement of our programs/processes;
  • the success of our students and seek to know them personally;
  • professional development of our students and engineering practitioners;
  • the personal and professional development of our faculty and staff;
  • diversity among our students, faculty and staff; and
  • being a collaborative part of the University of Kentucky.

Our Strategic Plan:

Our world faces monumental challenges that directly affect the quality and safety of human life. However, unsatisfied global demand for engineering talent prevents us from discovering and implementing timely solutions. We need to do so much more. That’s why the University of Kentucky College of Engineering has launched aggressive growth initiatives designed to prepare and unleash armies of fearless problem solvers. Relentless drive and passion. Prodigious faculty expertise. Students who refuse to back away from a challenge. View our Strategic Plan here (pdf).



ASEE Engineering Excellence for Veterans Award