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Engineering Living Learning Program

The Engineering Living Learning Program (ELLP) offers a unique opportunity to engineering students to live together in a community focused on one goal – academic success.

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Events and activities planned throughout the academic year

Participating in the Engineering LLP Improves Students’ GPAs

Two-bedroom suites with individual bedrooms
A shared bathroom and living space with one roommate.
Events geared toward engineering curriculum & professional development
37 Peer Mentors Available for Incoming Freshmen
Peer Mentors are dedicated to ensuring student success.
Women in Engineering Wing
Residents of the WiE Wing also have special access to events with female-led engineering student organizations.
Convenient Location
Near the iconic William T. Young Library and other popular locations on campus.

Engineering Living Learning Program

If you have any question about the Engineering Living Learning Program, you can contact the Director of the Engineering Living Learning Program.

John Roberts

John Roberts
Director of the Engineering Living Learning Program