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How to Apply

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We train students to solve monumental engineering challenges. We offer rigorous programs and enriching experiences that encourage collaboration and creativity. We provide an environment where students can cultivate curiosity through innovative research. We partner with industry through co-ops to give students real-world experiences that lead to meaningful careers. We are a community making the future better through engineering. Join us and create a world that works.

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First-Year Students

You are considered a first-year student if you have not enrolled at another college or university after graduating from high school.

Transfer Students

You are considered a transfer student if you have enrolled at another college or university after graduating from high school.

Applying as an International Student?

You are an international student if you need a visa to be in the U.S. Below, you will find any additional resources that you may need as an international applicant.

Degree Programs

Now in its second century, the University of Kentucky College of Engineering is the largest and highest-ranked engineering college in the state. With our small class sizes and wide-ranging opportunities for student involvement, we want to help you build your future in engineering.

Enhance Your Experience

The UK College of Engineering offers numerous academic enhancements that allow you to specialize in your area of interest, study in other countries, conduct research with engineering faculty even as an undergraduate student, blend engineering with leadership or business and more.

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Students who choose UK Engineering frequently say that visiting campus was the biggest factor in their decision. The welcoming atmosphere and the abundance of activities, clubs and social events to participate in make this community feel like a close-knit family.