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Richard Alloo





Richard Alloo retired from Toyota in 2012, after 25 years with the company, and a total of over 40 years in manufacturing and related industries.

Richard was a member of the original management team responsible for bringing the Toyota Production System (TPS) from Japan to the US during the construction, start-up and subsequent expansion of Toyota’s operations in North America.  Through the unique opportunity to work with the founding members of Toyota’s North American manufacturing team, Richard has direct experience in the development and deployment of Toyota’s management systems in environmental activities, production process design, production planning, new product introduction, parts control and logistics, budgeting, human resources development and manufacturing research & development.  He held individual Section, Department and Divisional management positions at both the Plant and Regional level in North America.

Prior to his retirement, Richard was assigned as Executive-in-Residence at the University of Kentucky where he worked to develop programs and materials and apply the fundamentals of TPS in various fields of interest.  At retirement, he held the position of Project General Manager in the Operations and Management Development Division of Toyota’s North American headquarters.

Prior to joining Toyota, Richard held various engineering and environmental positions within General Motors Corporation at their vehicle assembly plants and Central Office.  He holds degrees in Electrical Engineering, from General Motors Institute, and Law, from the Stanford University Law School.