fbpx True Lean | University of Kentucky College of Engineering

    Who We Are

Instructors/Coaches are former Toyota leadership, many among Toyota’s first North American management team

“We learned by doing; not by books and PowerPoint”

Ongoing Relationship with Toyota Executive-in-Residence

TRUE LEAN™ is housed in the College of Engineering Institute of Research for Technology Development

    What We Do

Transfer Toyota Experience & Knowledge (TPS and Toyota Way) 

High Focus on Culture/People Engagement at Every Level

Toyota Walking Tour included as part of campus Leadership Session

Specially designed Campus Lab

Provide on-campus or onsite sessions and coaching

    How We Help You

We Partner with you and your organization to develop a customized strategy based upon where You are on the Lean Path

We deliver and then support you toward the development of your system

We provide ongoing needs-based coaching for you to achieve True Lean Sustainability (more than Kata, or Six Sigma, or a Toolbox)