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Shakira R. Hobbs, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


354H Raymond Building



Assistant Professor, Civil Engineer, University of Kentucky (2019-present)


Post-Doctoral Researcher, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, University of Virginia (2017-2019)

PhD, Civil Engineering, Clemson University (2017)

MS, Engineering (Environmental), Arizona State University (2014)

BS, Environmental Science and Technology, University of Maryland, College Park (2012)

Shakira R. Hobbs, PhD is an assistant professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Shakira Hobbs’ scholarship explores multi-disciplinary approaches to sustainable engineering, international development, and life cycle thinking applied to the food-energy-water nexus. Her area of research focuses on developing methods to manage anthropogenic activity such as converting waste to energy and modeling transport of pesticides.  In 2018, she founded BioGals, a US non-profit organization that works internationally, empowering women of color to create sustainable solutions. Through community-engaged work with residents of Sittee River in Belize, BioGals has applied LCA and piloted anaerobic digestion to supplement cooking fuels needs with the community. Broadening participation, gender, and global competency are complementary areas of research for her.


Selected Publications

Dixon, Phillip, James Mihelcic, Sarina Ergas, Shakira R. Hobbs. (2019). “Effect of Substrate to Inoculum Ratio on Bioenergy Recovery from Food Waste, Yard Waste and Biosolids via High Solids Anaerobic Digestion.”Environmental Engineering Science

Hobbs, Shakira R., Prathap Parameswaran, Barbara Astmann, Jay Devkota, Amy Landis.  (2019). “Anaerobic co-digestion of food waste and polylactic acid: Effect of pretreatment on methane yield and solid reduction.”Advances in Material Science and Engineering