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Glenn Uminger



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Glenn Uminger served 27 years as a Toyota executive during its rapid North American development and expansion.  In addition to being a leader on the startup team (1987) of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK), Glenn continuously learned and applied TPS and Toyota Way through Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Administration.  During his tenure, Glenn:

  • Led the development of Management Accounting, the TPS Office, and JIT Logistics;
  • Led the development of, and then served as head of Production Control and Logistics Divisions at Toyota’s North American Headquarters;
  • Led development of the North American Integrated Logistics Network.
  • Was a key member of the Site Selection and Development team for all new Toyota Operations in North America;
  • Served as overall Leader to establish Toyota’s new vehicle plant in Mississippi;
  • Led the strengthening of the TPS practice at Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) achieving TPS application success in a non-manufacturing environment -- improving the effectiveness between Sales and Manufacturing organizations.

Before his 2014 retirement, Glenn served two years as the Toyota Executive-in-Residence and Director for True Lean. He has continued with True Lean, and today serves as its Director.

Prior to Toyota, Glenn held management positions with FMC Corporation for 10 years, working with Manufacturing, Design Engineering and Sales/Service. He holds a B.S in Accounting from the University of Kentucky, and an MBA from Xavier University in Cincinnati.