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Maker Spaces

Makers in the University of Kentucky College of Engineering have two outstanding resources for bringing their designs to life.

The Innovation Center on the second floor of the Ralph G. Anderson Building offers 13 3D printers, a laser cutter, a drill press, a band saw and various power tools. Students currently use the space for class assignments, team competitions and even develop products for their businesses.

Additionally, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers the Engineering Prototype and Invention Center (EPIC) lab on the fifth floor of F. Paul Anderson Tower. The space’s centerpiece is the LPKF rapid PCB prototyping system which, combined with a pick and place system, allows for rapid PCB prototyping and assembly. EPIC also offers a circuit rework station with soldering equipment, design and testing equipment with quality oscilloscopes, multimeters, power supplies, function generators and high-end 3D printers, including a dual independent head Makergear M3.

The Innovation Center and EPIC are open to all students from any engineering major.

Students who wish to gain access to the training page should email doug.klein@uky.edu.