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Paying it forward is one of the best things that alumni can do to make an impact in the mission and students of the Stan and Karen Pigman College of Engineering. Our students, both prospective and current, benefit greatly from the knowledge and advice our alumni can share with them. At the Stan and Karen Pigman College of Engineering, we have various ways for you to give back to your alma mater.

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Alumni Ambassador Program

The Alumni Ambassador Program seeks to connect our alumni with opportunities to help our recruitment team attract and enroll new classes of Wildcats. In this program, our alumni will be trained to communicate with and meet prospective students through outreach initiatives (emails, note cards, Zoom meetings) or attending recruitment events (receptions, open houses, virtual events). The Alumni Ambassador provides flexibility to our alumni to be as involved in the recruitment process as they want to be.

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Alumni Mentoring Program

The Alumni Mentoring Program matches a current engineering student with a UK engineering graduate from the same major.  The mentor and mentee communicate during the academic year to discuss questions about what an engineering workplace is like, the multiple career pathways you can take as an engineer, current engineering projects, their experience as a UK student, and how to connect what you're doing as a student with what you would do as a professional engineer.

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Engage with an Engineer

The Engineering Living Learning Program (ELLP) offers a unique opportunity to engineering students to live together in a community focused on one goal – academic success.

This residential experience integrates students into the engineering community with academic and professional development programs. Engage with an Engineer is an on-campus speaking engagement where our alumni and industry partners can present to our residents about their career path, work, company while providing insights about what it means to be a professional engineer, engineering technologist, or computer scientist.

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UK Engineering Podcast

Engineering and computer science are fields that make the phrase “wildly possible” come to life. Therefore, there is plenty to discuss about these fields. The UK Engineering Podcast seeks to be a source of information for anyone, in Kentucky or beyond, to engage in content about engineering and computer science. If you have a story to share or interesting work to talk about, you can use the UK Engineering Podcast to have a voice and broadcast directly to those interested in the fields of engineering and computer science.

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