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Fluid Mechanics

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Measuring Atmospheric Turbulence with Sean Bailey

Sean Bailey, associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, joined the UK College of Engineering faculty in 2010 after receiving his Ph.D. From the University of Ottawa and subsequently completing his postdoctoral work at Princeton University. In this interview, he discusses the advantages of using unmanned aerial vehicles to measure atmospheric conditions, his various projects that use UAVs and how UAVs may prove vital in the event of an airborne disaster. 

Construction Engineering & Project Management

Disruptive Technology in Construction Management with Hala Nassereddine

Civil engineering assistant professor Hala Nassereddine joined the UK College of Engineering faculty this past fall as the newest member of the Construction Engineering and Project Management Program. Nassereddine teaches the introduction to construction management course and will teach a new course on lean systems in construction management in the spring. She is also involved with the Kentucky Transportation Center on multiple highway research projects.

Last summer, Nassereddine won the 2019 Construction Industry Institute (CII) Academic Showcase at the CII Annual Conference in San Diego, California. The project for which Nassereddine won the showcase is detailed below in a recent conversation we had about her research focus. 

Reading the Invisible Library with W. Brent Seales

 “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
 – Mark Twain 

Biosystems and Biomaterials

UK Researchers Studying Better Ways to Detect Worms in Apples

UK researchers are working to develop ways to keep healthy U.S. apples in the supply chain.

Biosystems and Biomaterials

Toxoplasmosis Research with Abhijit Patwardhan

A unique partnership between an engineer and a scientist at the University of Kentucky has produced data that is challenging prevailing wisdom about a potentially life-threatening parasite's behavior and revealing possible targets for treatment.

Environmental Engineering and Water Resources

Humanitarian Engineering with Shakira Hobbs

This fall, the Department of Civil Engineering offered a new class CE 599: Introduction to Humanitarian Engineering. The course is taught by first-year assistant professor Shakira Hobbs. Department chair Reg Souleyrette says she’s a perfect match for the new course. 

Bioengineering & Biomechanics

The Connector: Mark Suckow

When Mark Suckow (pronounced SOO-koh) interviewed with University of Kentucky vice president for research Lisa Cassis for the position of attending veterinarian, he posed a simple question: could he do more? 

Signal Processing and Machine Learning

Explainable Artificial Intelligence Systems with Brent Harrison

"I think it’s essential that we bring technology up to human standards, rather than forcing humans to adapt their ways of thinking to fit the AI system." - Brent Harrison 


Understanding the Impacts of Transportation Network Companies with Greg Erhardt

Transportation Network Companies like Uber and Lyft promised to solve traffic congestion in major cities. Greg Erhardt, assistant professor of civil engineering at UK, says not so fast.

Surfaces and Interfaces

Soft Materials and Interfaces with Jonathan Pham

Last summer, materials engineering assistant professor Jonathan Pham received two National Science Foundation grants totaling $525,000. Pham, who joined the UK College of Engineering faculty in 2017, researches soft materials and interfaces and liquid-surface interactions, among other interests. Basically, he explores how solid materials…well, sometimes liquids…depending on the size, of course…well, probably better if he explains it.