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James and Gay Hardymon Center for Student Success

The James and Gay Hardymon Center for Student Success occupies the fully-renovated third floor of historic F. Paul Anderson Tower. Conveniently located near engineering classrooms and faculty offices, the 9,600 square foot center is home to essential services that will help the college’s 3,000+ undergraduates reach new heights of student success.

“My hope is that this commitment will lead to the college achieving higher graduation rates. We need more engineers who can make a difference in our world.” – James Hardymon

The Center offers several services to students:

Engineering Career Development Group

Whether you are a freshman or a senior, experts in career development want to make your resume shine, prepare you for job interviews, and help you find internships, co-ops and full-time jobs in engineering and computer science,  A specially designated interview room is available for practice or to use when meeting with visiting companies.

Engineering Tutoring

Tau Beta Pi Engineering Tutoring: Peer tutors offer all engineering students assistance with homework in engineering and major-related courses. Come learn how to work your way through those tough classes efficiently and effectively!

Presentation U tutoring: Few engineering colleges put everything you need for a dazzling presentation at your fingertips. Get PowerPoint and Prezi presentations, instruction in storyboarding digital projects, soundproof rooms for presentation practice, access to video cameras and tripods, wall-sized whiteboards for brainstorming and more.

Study spaces

Spacious areas and private rooms feature comfortable furniture suitable for tutoring, group work and individual study. Partitions divide larger study spaces into quiet and group study zones. Proximity to classrooms, as well as Engineering Tutoring, makes these study areas the ideal location for groups to convene.

Academic advising

All first-year students, regardless of major, are advised by the Freshman Advising Team. Incoming students meet their advisors during orientation and remain with them until the first two semesters are completed. Priority Registration, which takes place in October and March, requires an appointment, but students may walk in to see their advisor at any time.

Student records

Students frequently contact records staff about transcripts, academic standing, graduation information, academic actions and more. Now, students can access this information while utilizing other services within the center.