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Our engineering students are very competitive for UK's Academic Scholarships, for instance, 70% of students have received some type of scholarship and of those awarded, 50% are $10,000 or more with 91% receiving $5000 or more. We also provide academic scholarships in engineering that can be stacked on top of most of these university scholarships. The university also provides support for students with financial needs. If you consider all sources, about 97% of our engineering students come in with some type of financial support (federal, state, private), excluding loans.

Incoming Freshman

Incoming Freshman Engineering Scholarships will be considered for students that meet certain requirements.

More Information for Incoming Freshmen

Current Engineering Students

These scholarships are awarded on the basis of the student’s overall grade point average, writing ability, academic progress in Engineering and leadership potential.

More Information for Current Students

Transfer Students

The Dean’s Scholarships for Transfer Students are used to support outstanding transfer students.

More Information for Transfer Students

Engineering Technology Degree Scholarships

Students who enroll in an engineering technology program have access to these scholarships as well.

More Information for Engineering Technology Students