fbpx Kalinski, Michael | University of Kentucky College of Engineering


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2007-present: Associate Professor, University of Kentucky

2002-2007: Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky

2000-2001: Senior Staff Engineer, GeoSyntec Consultants

1999: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute

1992-1998: Graduate Assistant/Teaching Assistant, University of Texas at Austin

1989-1991: Exploration Geophysicist, Shell Oil Company

1986-1988: Exploration Geophysicist, Tenneco Oil Company


Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of Texas at Austin (Advisor: Kenneth H. Stokoe II), 1998

M.S.E., Civil Engineering, University of Texas at Austin (Advisor:  Kenneth H. Stokoe II), 1994

B.Sc., Geophysical Engineering (Geology Minor), Colorado School of Mines, 1985

Research Description

My research involves the understanding of how earthquake waves propagate through soil and rock.  By combining seismology with engineering, we can estimate how much the soil or rock may tend to amplify or attenuate the earthquake shaking as it moves up from the bedrock to the ground surface.  We can also predict whether or not the earthquake shaking will cause slopes to fail and soils to liquefy.  My research includes measuring the dynamic response of naturally occurring soil and rock deposits, as well as the dynamic response of man-made structures such as earth dams and mine waste impoundments.  With this information, we can develop designs that will keep the public safe.

Research Interests

Earthquake Engineering

Engineering Geophysics

Geotechnical Site Characterization

Landfill Geotechnology

Vibration Monitoring and Mitigation