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Microsoft Imagine Program

The College of Engineering licenses Microsoft’s Imagine Premium for students currently enrolled in the College of Engineering.

Only software listed on Microsoft’s Imagine site is available through this program, and it is intended for instructional and non-commercial research use ONLY. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) is not covered under this license (see UK’s download site for information on Microsoft Office for UK students).

You can use Imagine software in your academic classes, and on projects related directly to your classes or research. You cannot use any software obtained through this program with the intention of making money off the end product (i.e. you can’t sell the programs you have written using this software). Only Engineering and Computer Science students, or non-Engineering/non-CS students currently enrolled in an Engineering or Computer Science course that is using this software are eligible. Software usage guidelines are available on Microsoft’s Imagine site.

How this works

After Fall and Spring semester add/drop closes, Engineering Computing Services (ECS) submits a list of Engineering students to the Imagine web store. An email is then sent to your @uky.edu from kivuto.com with instructions on completing the registration process. Only after you have completed registration will you have access to your account, and be able to download software and license keys. License keys are unique and will only unlock one product – DO NOT share your license keys. This is fully explained in the “Help” section of the Imagine site once you have logged in.

Completing registration

Incoming students, transfer students, and returning students that have never completed the registration process need to visit the College’s Imagine/OnTheHub site and complete this process. Once on the site:

  • click on the Sign in link in the upper right-hand corner,
  • on the “Sign In” page click the “Register” button,
  • follow the on screen directions.

If you have questions, please contact msdnaa@engr.uky.edu.

Forgotten passwords

If you have forgotten your login information, go to the CoE Imagine site:

  • click on the Sign In link in the upper right-hand corner,
  • on the login page click on the “Forgot your password?” link,
  • follow the on screen instructions.

If you have any additional questions, please contact msdnaa@engr.uky.edu.

Computer Science Students

Computer Science students are registered on the CS Imagine site. Account information and forgotten password resets for CS students should be requested through that site. If you have any additional questions about Computer Science’s Imagine site, please contact msdnaa@cs.uky.edu.

Special note to Faculty and Graduate students

The single download you obtain through this program is intended for use on your personal system, so you should not install any of this software on your lab or office computers. If you need to use this software in your lab or office, please send a request to help@engr.uky.edu and we will install the software using the College’s licenses. Please remember this software is for instructional and non-commercial research use ONLY.