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Talent Pipeline

Co-op and Internship Programs

Hire one of our students for a co-op stint or internship for a semester or the summer. Not only will they make contributions during their employment, but you may also discover you want to hire them after they graduate. We invite companies to meet students interested in co-ops or internships at our fall and spring co-op and internship fairs. You can learn more about our Engineering Career Development team here.

Career Fairs

Twice a year, our College’s Career Development Team hosts an Engineering and Computer Science Career Fair. Meet hundreds of engineering and computer science students who are about to enter the workforce and find your next great hire!

Education in Top Disciplines

We offer nine undergraduate majors: biosystems engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, materials engineering, mechanical engineering and mining engineering; two minors: biomedical engineering and computer science; and six undergraduate certificates: aerospace, automotive production engineering, biopharmaceutical engineering, environmental engineering, lean systems and power and energy.