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Support the College

So much of what we do in the College of Engineering is not possible without generous philanthropic support. Contribute to the next generation of engineers in one or more of the following ways:

  • Scholarships. The majority of our students rely on scholarships to subsidize their engineering education. The capacity to offer competitive scholarships not only benefits worthy students, but also enables UK to reliably be the first choice of the best and brightest students pursuing engineering. Both endowed and non-endowed scholarships are needed to support both merit and need-based aid.
  • Gifts-in-kind. Gifts-in-kind are personal and corporate gifts of equipment or other allowable material goods to the College. Given the needs within the field of engineering, gifts-in-kind are often technological in nature. Past gifts include computers, machines and iPads.
  • Match Gifts to College from Your Employees. Many companies offer a wonderful benefit to their employees by matching their contributions to organizations. Of all the colleges on campus, engineering stands to benefit the most because many of our alumni work for companies that offer this benefit. Taking advantage of such a benefit will double and sometimes triple a donor’s gift.