fbpx Laboratories | University of Kentucky College of Engineering


Instruction Laboratories

  • Undergrad power systems
  • Electromechanics and power electronics
  • Renewable energy

Research Laboratories


  • Omicron real-time network simulators
  • Hardware in the loop HIL/RTDS (under development)
  • SEL (Schweitzer Engineering Labs) and ABB relays
  • Prototyping and testing of batteries and electrochemical capacitors
  • Prototyping and testing of power electronics and machines
  • Computational lab with high performance PC workstations
  • HPC large-scale system (UK computing services)
  • and more


  • PS-CAD – transient analysis of power systems software
  • PSSE – transmission system power flow, stability and fault analysis
  • CAPE – fault analysis software
  • MilSoft – distribution system analysis software
  • Matlab/Simulink – including SimPowerSystems software
  • ANSYS – multi-physics analysis; full suite of software
  • and more.