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Graduate Certificate in Power and Energy

The purpose of the Graduate Certificate in power and energy is to provide students with state of the art knowledge in power and energy areas and produce well-trained graduates in power and energy areas.

Admission Requirements
Students who already are or will be enrolled in a degree program, or those who simply apply for Postbaccalaureate (non-degree) status in order to complete the certificate, are eligible to apply for admission. The certificate director may limit admissions so that faculty and other resources available are not overwhelmed.
The minimum requirements for admission to the graduate certificate curriculum are the same as those for post-baccalaureate status. A student is encouraged to apply and be admitted to the certificate curriculum prior to taking any classes that will be counted towards completion of the certificate. A student needs to fill out the online application for the graduate school and choose the graduate certificate option. Apply online through the Graduate School.

Certificate Requirements
As required by the Graduate School, a student must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the set of courses required for completion of the graduate certificate.

Students can take two tracks to fulfill the certificate requirements.

Track 1 Training through Course Work
In this track, the curriculum of the certificate consists of 15 credit hours, including four required courses and one elective course. The certificate curriculum is designed to permit completion within one academic year.

Required courses
Students are required to take all of the following courses, a total of 12 credit hours.

Fall Semester

  • EGR542: Electric Power Generation Technologies (3 credits)
  • EGR546: Electric Power System Fundamentals (3 credits)
  • Major requirements or electives

Spring Semester

  • EGR540: Electric Power Economics and Public Policy (3 credits)
  • Power and Energy related elective (3 credits)
  • Major requirements or electives
Summer Session
  • EGR649: Power and Energy Experiences (3 credits)
EGR540 Electric Power Economics and Public Policy (3 credit hours):  This is an overview class that provides background on: Tariff/rate structures, the role of public service commissions,  economic dispatch and generation/load balancing issues, demand management, environmental issues, regulated and deregulated markets, etc.
EGR 542 Electric Power Generation Technologies (3 credit hours):  An overview of generation methods, including coal, nuclear, gas turbine, hydro, solar, wind, and biomass.
EGR 546 Power System Fundamentals (3 credit hours):  This course is an introduction to power transmission and distribution basics.
EGR 649 Power and Energy Experiences (3 credit hours):  Unique experiences through visits to a variety of energy-related sites and hear from topical experts.

Elective Courses
Students are required to take one course from a list of elective courses in power and energy.  The list of acceptable elective courses will be maintained by the Certificate Director, because it is expected to evolve as new courses in power and energy are developed across the College of Engineering. View the current list - Elective Courses for Graduate Certificate in Power and Energy_March2018 (pdf)

Track 2 Training through Course Work and Research

In this track, students will need to:

complete a one semester EE748 – a zero hour course for Master research, or 4 credit hours of EE767 for PhD research in areas of power and energy and 9 credit hours of course work, including any one of the required courses for Track 1, and two selected from the acceptable elective courses


complete a 3 credit hours of EE784 in areas of power and energy and 12 credit hours of course work, including any two of the required courses for Track 1, and with the other courses selected from any of those acceptable elective courses.

Certificate Requirements
After you fulfill the certificate requirements, please submit the application (.docx) to receive the certificate.

For more information about the graduate certificate, contact the Certificate Director: Dr. Yuan Liao, 691 F. Paul Anderson Tower, (859) 257-6064.