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UK Solar Car


  • PEIK technically advises and financially supports the University of Kentucky Solar Car Team
  • Student-led multidisciplinary very large engineering team which
    • designs and construct solar vehicles
    • supports STEM outreach at school and public fairs
    • competes in national solar car events such as
      • Formula Sun Grand Prix
      • American Solar Challenge.
  • Provides hands-on opportunities for engineering and allows students to develop and demonstrate their communication, creativity, and technical skills through hands-on experience
  • Long tradition at UK: the team currently operates and maintains a 6th generation vehicle, Gato Del Sol VI, with the team having started initially in 1999.
  • A Grand Legacy:
    • In 2019. They achieved the all-time track speed record for solar electric vehicles at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, and placed 3rd at the Formula Solar Grand Prix.
    • In 2021, they became national champions, completing the Formula Sun Grand Prix in 1st place and American Solar Challenge in 2nd place.
    • In 2022, they received 3rd place in the Formula Sun Grand Prix and American Solar Challenge.