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About the Program

KIAC LogoFunded in 2012 by the US Department of Energy, the UK Kentucky Industrial Assessment Center (KIAC) is one of 28 Industrial Assessment Centers, some in operation since 1984, located at colleges and universities all over the US. KIAC utilizes the university‚Äôs engineering college as a resource for small to medium manufacturers in the region by sending teams of faculty and students to conduct a plant assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to examine the plant site, its facilities, services, and operations and make recommendations for potential savings. 

Additionally, the energy assessments are entirely free of charge to the company as a result of the funding through the US Department of Energy. These benefit the faculty by contributing to research, the students by enriching their educational experience, and the companies by providing a much needed service. In 2016, KIAC was nationally recognized as an IAC Center of Excellence. 


Engineering students at KIAC receive hands-on training and real world experience in energy engineering and management. The program provides students with experience in process systems, plant systems, and energy systems. Students gain valuable knowledge on evaluating the efficiency of key industrial operations, systems, and processes

KIAC students work closely with the participating faculty to perform an examination of potential savings through:

  • energy efficiency improvements
  • waste minimization
  • productivity improvements

KIAC students graduate with the skills to use instrumentation and diagnostic equipment, work safely in an industrial environment, communicate effectively through written reports and presentations, and work together as a team to achieve a common goal.