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Power Systems Online Graduate Certificate

The online Graduate Certificate in Power Systems is designed to provide students with the core knowledge and latest advancements in power systems analysis, modeling, operation, control, optimization, and integration of renewable energies, and produce well trained graduates in this specialty. Students will learn the theory in various aspects of power systems and master the tools and techniques for planning and operating power systems and solving real-world problems.

The credits earned through this certificate will count towards the MS or PhD degree in electrical engineering if the students decide to continue their graduate studies at UK.

Admission Requirements
Students who already are or will be enrolled in a graduate degree program, or those who simply apply for Postbaccalaureate (non-degree) status in order to complete the certificate, are eligible to apply for admission.  Apply online through the Graduate School.  

The minimum requirements for admission to the graduate certificate curriculum are the same as those for post-baccalaureate status. Applications for admission to the Graduate Certificate will be reviewed by the certificate director, who will notify the Graduate School of the student’s admission. A student is encouraged to apply and be admitted to the certificate curriculum prior to taking any classes that will be counted towards completion of the certificate.

Certificate Requirements
As required by the Graduate School, a student must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the set of courses required for completion of the graduate certificate.

Certificate curriculum courses taken at graduate level by a student (undergraduate or graduate) before being admitted to the certificate curriculum will count toward the completion of the certificate.

Graduate courses taken at other universities that are transferable to UK may be counted toward the completion of the certificate at the discretion of the Certificate Director.

The curriculum of the certificate will consist of 12 credit hours, including four courses elected from a list of specified courses (view the list of available courses). Students can take appropriate substitute courses for the required courses at the discretion of the Certificate Director to fulfill the certificate requirements.

Faculty Record
Drs. Aaron Cramer, Paul Dollloff, Jiangbiao He, Larry Holloway, Dan Ionel, Yuan Liao, and Joe Sottile 

Award of the Certificate in Power Systems
After you fulfill the certificate requirements, please submit the application (.docx) to receive the certificate.

For more information about the graduate certificate, contact the Certificate Director: Dr. Yuan Liao, 691 F. Paul Anderson Tower, (859) 257-6064.

For MS and PhD degree inquiries, contact Dr. Aaron Cramer, Director of Graduate Studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering, aaron.cramer@uky.edu, 85-257-9113. For general inquiry about PEIK, contact Dr. Dan Ionel, dan.ionel@uky.edu, 859-257-3926, Director of Power and Energy Institute of Kentucky.