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Staff Council


To foster communication and group participation among staff from all units of the College of Engineering, and to serve in an advisory capacity to College’s Dean and/or Administration on issues relevant to staff.

Chair and Chair-Elect

Staff Council officers consist of a Chair and Chair-Elect. The Chair-Elect is elected by Staff Council representatives on July 1 and will serve for one year as Chair-Elect and an additional year as Chair. The Chair-Elect will assist with Chair roles.

The Staff Council Chair does the following:

  • Chairs monthly Staff Council meetings.
  • Disseminates information and addresses topics of interest and concern to College of Engineering staff.
  • Poses special issues or projects to the Council for consideration and action.
  • Notifies Staff Council representatives of upcoming meetings and reserves meeting room.
  • Solicits agenda items from Staff Council representatives.
  • Distributes agenda to Staff Council representatives.
  • Solicits a Staff Council representative volunteer to record Staff Council meeting minutes.
  • Distributes minutes among Staff Council representatives for review and approval.
  • Makes any required revisions to minutes.
  • Communicates Staff Council webpage and Staff Excellence Award guideline changes to the college webmaster.  These changes are first approved by the Staff Council and Dean.
  • Forms committee/project teams from among Council representatives to address special issues or undertake approved special projects.
  • Sends Council recommendations and/or reports on special issues to appropriate administrative personnel.
  • Solicits a Staff Council representative volunteer to record minutes at Staff Senate meetings.
  • Maintains communications with Staff Senate Chair.
  • Ensures the Staff Excellence Award guidelines are followed.
  • Attends first meeting after stepping down as Chair of Staff Council and provides training to replacement Chair.

Ex-Officio Representatives

The Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration.

The Staff Council Ex-Officio representative is asked to:

  • Attend Staff Council meeting as needed. 
  • Take part in discussions, but as a non-voting representative.
  • Approve revisions to the Staff Council webpage as proposed by the Staff Council.
  • Approve revisions to the Staff Excellence Award guidelines as proposed by the Staff Council.

New Ex-Officio representatives may be appointed by the Dean’s office or requested by Staff Council representatives as needed.

Council Representatives

Staff Council representatives are staff of departments, centers and administrative units within the College of Engineering. Appointment is at the discretion of the individual unit. Appointment is for a maximum of two years unless otherwise agreed upon by all other staff within the unit.

A simple majority of members in attendance shall constitute a quorum and is authorized to conduct the business of the Staff Council at any regular or called meeting. A majority vote by the Staff Council members present shall carry a motion. Voting membership shall be a show of hands or voice vote.

Staff Council representatives are asked to:

  • Represent all staff within their respective units.
  • Attend all Staff Council monthly meetings or send a substitute representative when necessary.
  • Forward recorded and approved Staff Council meeting minutes to respective unit staff colleagues.
  • Assist with special projects delegated to or selected by the Council.
  • Seek input from staff colleagues for meeting agenda items.
  • Welcome and assist in the orientation of new staff members.
  • Review and recommend changes/updates to the Staff Council webpage
  • Record minutes at the monthly Staff Council meeting (on a rotating, volunteer basis)
  • Assist with approved charitable projects.


Goal 1: Create Community

Goal 2: Communication

Goal 3: Advise Administration

Goal 4: Advocate for Professional Development and Mentorship

Meeting Minutes

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