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A New Effect

New Effect: 100-100,000 Times Reduction of Gate Leakage Current of Silicon Oxide/Oxynitride
We found
a new effect, phonon-energy coupling enhancement (PECE)—an increase in bond energy coupling through the manipulation of silicon, oxygen, and deuterium vibrational modes undergoing proper rapid thermal process (RTP) and deuterium anneal, so that Si-O and Si-D bonds become more robust. This results in dramatical reduction of gate leakage current of silicon oxides and oxynitrides by 2-5orders of magnitude. This will allow chip producers to develop faster chips with reduced power consumption.

Related Publications and Presentations:

Reduction of Leakage Current of Silicon Oxide
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Zhi Chen
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Reduction of Leakage Current of High-k Gate Dielectric, HfSiON
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Reproducing the PECE Effect in Your Lab

Key Factors for Generating the PECE Effect (PDF)

Recipes for Observing the Large Leakage Current Reduction
Entire Fabrication Procedure (PDF); Lithograph Procedure (PDF)