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Handshake - UK's Career Management Resource

UK’s online career management system, Handshake, allows you to apply for jobs and internships and sign up for on-campus interviews with companies anytime. You can also make your resume available for review by employers, find specific contacts at an organization and view company information sessions through Handshake. You can access the student site here.

You can also request appointments with members of our team through Handshake. Once logged in, go to "resources" and "request and appointment."

Handshake also includes a comprehensive list of resources that include:

  • Goin' Global allows students to find internships or full-time positions abroad. The site also gives you detailed country career guides on common customs and information on a number of foreign countries.
  • Candid Career allows students to view informational videos online, anytime, anywhere. Hear the personal stories of professionals, and get insight and advice about their jobs. 
  • Vault offers opportunities to research jobs, careers, career fields and companies. Vault has a lot of peer information about the interview processes, as well as recent news about a company that you may want to know about before going into an interview. 
  • Interview Stream is a resource to practice answering interview questions by recording yourself. Consider forwarding the interviews to others for feedback. T
  • Career Shift is a streamlined approach to managing and saving job search documents and information. 

Job-Seeker Listservs

We are maintaining job-seeker listserves for each of our majors. To subscribe, go to https://lsv.uky.edu, then select "View public list archives" then search "jobs" under "List Title."

Computer Science students will be automatically added to a departmental CS-jobs listserve by the Computer Science Department.

O*NET OnLine

 O*NET OnLine offers a variety of search options and occupational data, while My Next Move is a streamlined application for students and job seekers. Both applications were developed for the U.S. Department of Labor by the National Center for O*NET Development. https://www.onetonline.org/

Engineering industry-specific job search sites

These sites are not sponsored or endorsed by the College of Engineering, but they are excellent ways to start looking for a job. 

Internship Resources