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Cooperative Education

If you want to experience a co-op, our advisors will help you step into a real high-quality engineering job that will prepare you for your engineering career.

Co-op rotations help students obtain transferable skills, such as communication, leadership, presentation, teamwork and social skills. Other benefits of a co-op include:

  • Earn an income well above the typical college job – $20/hr on average
  • Apply your classroom learning to real-world engineering challenges
  • Discover your true engineering interests
  • Visit new cities and meet new people 

We are highly selective about what jobs qualify for our co-op program. A few of the industries we work with include GE Aviation, Altec, Johnson and Johnson, Marathon, Thermo-Fischer Scientific and even NASA.

Students typically work full-time for a minimum of three semesters, often for the same employer. Co-op semesters alternate with academic semesters, which allows for students to integrate their co-op experience into their classroom studies and their academic work into the real-world engineering challenges provided in their co-op. Because employers know what it is like to work with a student who has co-oped with them for a year, they often make full-time job offers well before that student graduates. 

We are proud that our co-op programs are optional. This allows our students to dedicate their time and energy towards their chosen goals. Other opportunities for our students include undergraduate education, education abroad, or shorter internships. 


Do you want to gain experience before graduation? Make an appointment with us using our career management system Handshake.