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SEAM Curriculum

Year Semester Program Requirements



EGR 120 Honors (3 cr) Technology: Blessing or a Curse


EGR 190 (1 cr) Understanding Leadership

Fall or Spring

HON 140 (3 cr) The Individual and Society

Fall, Spring, or Summer

WRD/CIS 112 (1 cr) Accelerated Composition & Communication


Between Semesters

EGR 390 Honors (3 cr) Introduction to Lean Systems


MGT 292 Honors (3 cr) Entrepreneurship & Venture Creation



MKT 355 Honors (3 cr) A Marketing Perspective on Business Problems

Any Semester

Honors Class (3 cr) And of the following:
Honors Departmental Section
HON 301: Interdisciplinary Seminar in History, Culture Honors Course Conversion, Graduate Level Courses

Any Semester

Experiential Experiences (6 cr) (Co-op/Internship, Education Abroad or Research)



Senior Honors Thesis: EGR 599 (3 cr) Project Management

*Students satisfying both Composition and Communication I and II with transfer courses or through alternative means are not required to complete CIS/WRD 112. Students with transfer courses satisfying only part of Composition and Communication I and II have the option to complete the remaining courses at UK or through CIS/WRD 112.

** Students will be offered to register for the accelerator 5-Day LEAN Systems Course offered on the UK campus.

  • Option 1 – Week prior to the start of the sophomore spring term
  • Option 2 – Sophomore spring break
  • Option 3 – Week after end of the sophomore spring term
  • Option 4 – Week prior to start of the junior fall term

†A total of 5 credit hours of Honors Experience credit is required. Options include Co-Op/Internship, Education Abroad or Research. Honors Experience credit can be completed during multiple semesters (including summer).