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Many students enhance their academic career by becoming involved in student project teams and organizations. These activities can provide leadership opportunities, hands-on engineering experience and a chance to meet other engineering students.


Alpha Epsilon – Biosystems Engineering Honor Society

Alpha Epsilon is an honor society for outstanding agricultural, biological and food engineers. The objectives of the honor society are to promote the high ideals of the engineering profession, to give recognition to those who manifest worthy qualities of character, scholarship and professional attainment and to encourage and support the profession.

Advisor – Lexington: Carmen Agouridis – 859.218.4344

Alpha Sigma Mu – Materials Engineering Honor Society

Alpha Sigma Mu is the international honors society for the materials engineering profession. The Kentucky Alpha chapter recognizes our students, alumni and other materials engineering professionals who exhibit excellence in their academic studies and careers. Student members of Alpha Sigma Mu are nominated based on their standing near the top of their class, and they are typically active and successful in Material Advantage, the materials engineering student chapter.

Advisor – Lexington: John Balk – – 859.257.4582


The College of Engineering Ambassador Program is comprised of two highly select groups of engineering students dedicated to the promotion of the College of Engineering and the University of Kentucky. Student Ambassadors attend recruitment events, answer prospective student questions, and highlight all the amazing opportunities available at UK and in the engineering program. Outreach Ambassadors primarily work with elementary, middle, and high school students in their schools to raise awareness of engineering and to engage the students in hands-on activities. Engineering Ambassadors also support the college with various activities such as Engineers Day, orientation, alumni functions, and other special events.

Advisor – Lexington: Tony Jackson – 859.218.5170

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

The UK student chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is a student-run organization dedicated to exploring and creating possibilities for students in aeronautics and astronautics. AIAA strives to unite both students and faculty who are interested in the aerospace industry, provide information on research and job opportunities, devise interesting and relevant events and trips, and promote education and interest in all aerospace fields.

Advisors – Lexington: Alexandre Martin – 859.257.4462 and Paducah: Sergiy Markutsya – 270.534.3227

American Institute of Chemical Engineers

UKAIChE is the American Institute of Chemical Engineers chapter for the University of Kentucky. We are a group of students and staff striving towards building a community for the chemical engineering students recognizable by not only the local campus but on a national scale during the biannual conferences presented by AICHe.

Advisors – Lexington: Zach Hilt – 859.257.9844 and Paducah: Derek Englert – 270.534.3122

American Society of Civil Engineers

ASCE-crop-webThe student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers ASCE at the University of Kentucky offers students an excellent opportunity to learn more about the civil engineering profession, gain valuable contacts with engineering employers, and get to know other students in the department.

Advisor – Lexington: Issam Harik – 859.257.3116

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Each year the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) sponsor a human powered vehicle competition. Student teams from across the country work to create the fastest, most efficient, and safest human powered vehicles to compete against each other. The vehicles are judged on design, safety, and performance and ranked accordingly.

Advisors – Lexington: David Herrin – 859.218.0609 and Paducah: John Baker – 270.534.3114

Association for Computing Machinery

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is the world’s largest scientific and educational computing society. The activities of the University of Kentucky ACM Student Chapter include competing in intercollegiate programming competitions, hosting hackathons, and K-12 outreach in Fayette County.

Advisor – Lexington: Jerzy Jaromczyk – 859.257.1186

Association for Computing Machinery – Women’s Chapter

ACM-W at the University of Kentucky aims to raise awareness of the issues faced by women in technology, prepare students for careers in technology, as well as encourage women to join and stay in the field through outreach, networking, and mentorship.

Advisor: Dr. Jane Hayes 859.257.3171

Biomedical Engineering Society

Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) is a group of students interested in the biomedical engineering industry. Members are engaged in outreach and public service activities such as conducting demonstrations at schools, judging science fairs, and tutoring. BMES also provides professional development opportunities and facilitates social activities.

Advisor – Lexington: Babak Bazrgari – 859.257.1379

Biosystems BAE Student Branch

The Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering (BAE) Student Branch is the UK student chapter of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, the organization for professional development of students enrolled in the BAE program at UK

Advisor – Lexington: Babak Bazrgari – 859.257.1379

Materials and Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association

Materials and Chemical Engineering (MACE) Graduate Student Association is a graduate student organization designed to promote and foster graduate student-faculty relationships as well as provide an enabling environment for graduate students to interact with each other.


Chi Epsilon

Chi Epsilon is the National Civil Engineering Honor Society in the United States. Most engineering disciplines have a recognized national honor society. For the Civil Engineering profession, Chi Epsilon fills this role. Dedicated to the purpose of maintaining and promoting the status of civil engineering as an ideal profession, Chi-Epsilon was organized to recognize the characteristics of the individual civil engineer deemed to be fundamental to the successful pursuit of an engineering career, and to aid in the development of those characteristics in the civil engineering student.

Advisor – Lexington: Jimmy Fox – 859.218.8668

Concrete Canoe Team

The Concrete Canoe Team takes part in the design competition within the American Society of Civil Engineers. Concrete Canoe are collegiate chapters tasked with designing, building, and racing a canoe made of concrete.


Energy Club

The Energy Club is a student run, non-profit organization sponsored by the Department of Energy aimed to educate the student body and public on the energy issues of today. By hosting events, seminars, lectures and industry tours, students promote energy awareness which leads to collaboration for servicing the community. All university students, faculty and staff are invited to get involved!


Engineering Student Council

The Engineering Student Council at the University of Kentucky is committed to providing services and to furthering the development of the engineering student body. We will provide the means to coordinate the interactions of the engineering student organizations, for better communication between them and to enhance student programs. We will act as the liaison to the faculty, administration and Alumni Association to express student concerns and our commitment to the continuous improvement of the College of Engineering.

Advisor – Lexington: Kimberly Anderson, Ph.D. –

Engineers Without Borders

EWB-UKY is a student chapter of the national Engineers Without Borders organization. The students therein are tasked with providing a sustainable solution to a problem of a given community in a developing country. The solution must incorporate student chapter fundraising, community involvement and accountability, and a five-year plan to resolve the problem. Currently, our chapter is serving the community of Barrio 9 de Marzo in Ecuador by assessing the need and possibility of a standardized latrine and sewage system. Past projects have included the water quality assessment of a community in Honduras and a road-building project in Cameroon, Africa.

Advisor – Lexington: Nikiforos Stamatiadis – 859.257.8012

Eta Kappa Nu

Eta Kappa Nu is a unique membership organization dedicated to encouraging and recognizing excellence in the electrical and computer engineering field. Members consist of students, alumni, and other professionals who have demonstrated exceptional academic and professional accomplishments.

Advisor – Lexington: Jeffrey Ashley – 859.257.8049


The University of Kentucky IEEE Student Branch is composed of undergraduate and graduate electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science students who want to advance technology and grow professionally.

Advisor – Lexington: Regina Hannemann – 859.257.5156

Institute of Transportation Engineers

The Institute of Transportation Engineers is an international educational and scientific association of transportation professionals who are responsible for meeting mobility and safety needs. ITE facilitates the application of technology and scientific principles to research, planning, functional design, implementation, operation, policy development and management for any mode of ground transportation. Through its products and services, ITE promotes professional development of its members, supports and encourages education, stimulates research, develops public awareness programs and serves as a conduit for the exchange of professional information.


International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering

Collegiate/professional organization. Students gain “real world” advice from actual pharmaceutical engineers and can learn more about the field.

Advisor – Lexington: Thomas Dziubla – 859.257.4063

International Society of Explosives Engineers

Explosives Engineers allows students from all disciplines to explore the explosives industry, including its manufacture, transportation, research, and use.

Advisor – Lexington: Jhon Silva Castro – 859.257.1173

Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers

KSPE provides a variety of programs throughout the semester including review sessions for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FE) and professional luncheons. They also co-sponsor the December commencement dinner for College of Engineering graduates.

Advisor – Lexington: Reg Souleyrette – 859.257.5309

MA – Material Advantage

Material Advantage is the student organization for materials engineering majors. It encompasses four of the most important materials engineering professional societies: ASM International; The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS); Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST); American Ceramics Society (ACerS). Kentucky’s student chapter works with the local professional chapter of ASM International to provide students with practical experience in various aspects of materials engineering including industry, acgovernment research.

Advisor – Lexington: John Balk – 859.257.4582

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Association (MEGA)

Our mission is to connect the Graduate Department of Mech. Eng. from students to faculty. MEGA plans to hold yearly elections to form a committee of students which will organize social and scientific events. Additionally, our mission is to advise, assist, support, and socially involve new graduate students.


Mu Nu Gamma

Mu Nu Gamma is an honor society devoted solely to the mining engineering profession. It recognizes mining engineering students that have completed at least 60 semester hours with a minimum of 9 hours designated with a mining prefix; the students must also have a minimum 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and rank in the top 35% of their class.

Advisor – Lexington: Rick Honaker – 859.257.1108

Mucking Team

MT-crop-webThe UK Mucking Team competes in the International Mining Games annually. The organization is open to all engineering majors. The seven events in the competition are Jackleg drilling, gold panning, hand mucking, hand steeling, timber sawing, surveying and track stand. The past three events have been held in Colorado, Missouri, and Australia. This organization is a great opportunity for students to meet leaders in industry and other engineering students from around the world.

Advisor – Lexington: Zach Agioutantis – 859.257.2953

National Society of Black Engineers

The UK NSBE Chapter is committed to the mission of NSBE – “To increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers, who excell academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.”

Advisor – Lexington: Gabriel Dadi – 859.257.5416

Omega Chi Epsilon

National Honor Society for Chemical Engineering. Students should join because Omega Chi Epsilon promotes high scholarship, encourages original investigation in chemical engineering and recognizes the valuable traits of character, integrity and leadership.

Advisors – Lexington: Tate Tsang – 859.257.8059 and Paducah: David Silverstein – 270.534.3132


Phi Sigma Rho

Phi Sigma Rho is a national sorority for females studying engineering and the sciences. We promote life-long friendship, high standards in scholarship, and service to our school and community.

Advisor – Lexington: Christine Goble – 859.218.0652

Pi Tau Sigma

Pi Tau Sigma is an honorary society for mechanical engineering students. Only the top 20% of seniors and top 25% of juniors are invited to join each semester. Activities include initiation, participating in tutoring, and going to the Pi Tau Sigma national conference.

Advisors – Lexington: Tim Wu – 859.218.0644

                 Paducah: John Baker – 270.534.3114


RailCats is the UK student chapter of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association.  The organization serves to promote and educate student about the railroad
industry. Activities include regular field trips and site visits, speakers and social events.  RailCats was founded within the Civil Engineering Department, but is open to all engineering students that what to learn more about opportunities in the railroad industry.

Advisors – Lexington: Reginald Souleyrette –

                                   Jerry Rose –

RescUKats – Collegiate Mine Rescue Team

RescUKats is a collegiate mine rescue team that competes with other top universities in mock mine rescue scenarios where students wear professional mine rescue equipment and work through a simulated mine. Students should join if they’re interested in health and safety, mining or mining engineering, and if they would like to network with highly-regarded mining health and safety professionals.

Advisor – Lexington: William Chad Wedding – 859.257.1883

Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration

This Chapter’s object shall be to promote among its members continued professional growth in the areas of mining, metallurgy, and exploration, and to encourage professional responsibility that includes ethical, social, economic, and safety considerations.

Advisor – Lexington: John Groppo – 859.257.2833

Society of Automotive Engineers – Formula Kentucky Race Team

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Formula Kentucky is a group of dedicated students who design, engineer, and fabricate a small Formula-style race car. SAE Formula Kentucky is a great way to learn about project management and practical applications of engineering knowledge.

Advisor – Lexington: Kaveh Tagavi – 859.218.0660

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

Leading, molding, and representing the Hispanic Community in the professional world while embracing the diversity of the UK community and providing an environment for personal and professional development and socializing.

Advisor – Lexington: Isabel Escobar – 859.257.7990

Society of Manufacturing Engineering

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) is an organization that spans the globe and now includes more than 65,000 members, with more than 240 student chapters. Founded in 1932, the SME continues its mission in serving its members and the international manufacturing community through further advancement in knowledge and professionalism.


Society of Automotive Engineers – Paducah

Mini Baja® consists of three regional competitions that simulate real-world engineering design projects and their related challenges. Engineering students are tasked to design and build an off-road vehicle that will survive the severe punishment of rough terrain and in the East competition—water.

Advisor – Paducah: Y. Charles Lu – 270.534.3115

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

SWE is a professional organization dedicated to stimulating women to achieve their full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expanding the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and demonstrating the value of diversity.

Advisor – Lexington: Kim Sayre – 859.257.3343

Paducah – The UK-Paducah Society of Women Engineers (SWE) student section was chartered in August of 2001. The section provides a support structure for women in the engineering program, and receives unprecedented support from engineering professional women in the area. One of our top priorities is outreach aimed at making K-12 female students more aware of engineering as a career choice. We recently developed an aggressive outreach program that involves visiting local schools to talk about engineering and providing the students with hands-on demonstrations of engineering phenomena. The section also sponsors events during the annual UK-Paducah Engineering Day in the spring.

Advisor – Paducah: John Maddox – 270.534.3123

Solar Car Team

The UK Solar Car Team’s mission is to finance, design, build and race solar cars. Drawing students from all disciplines, the collaboration and investigation experienced as a team member is priceless. Aside from the cars, we reach out the community by showcasing our work and technology.

Advisor – Lexington: Tom Henninger – 859.218.0610


Speedfest is a flight competition started by Oklahoma State University to provide an industry-practical alternative to the established AIAA Design Build Fly competition. Each year, Alpha (or collegiate) class teams are given a statement of work to respond to, which, for the past two years, have been performance oriented designs involving a turbine engine. The winning alpha class entries have been complex composite aircraft capable of speeds exceeding 150 mph.

Advisor: Dr. Suzanne Smith – 859-323-4545


Students Participating in Outreach through Research in Engineering Sciences (SPORES) organization was created to increase the rate of retention of minority students in the fields of science and engineering. SPORES will work to encourage students to participate in research and provide information on research opportunity at the University of Kentucky and other research institutions. Students participating in SPORES will be encouraged to display integrity and professionalism in their work through mentorship, peer leadership, and organization-sponsored events.

Advisor – Lexington: William Henderson – 859.257.2451

Steel Bridge

A design competition with the American Society of Civil Engineers. The Steel Bridge team competes in an annual competition where collegiate chapters are tasked with designing, fabricating, and constructing a steel bridge.


Students for the Exploration and Development of Space

The UK chapter of SEDS aims to provide students with a passion for space and space exploration a place to meet fellow space enthusiasts, discuss current space events, hold gatherings and viewing parties, and as a launch pad for space related competitions and project ideas.


Tau Beta Pi

Tau Beta Pi is the only engineering honors society representing the entire engineering profession. It is the nation’s second-oldest honor society, founded at Lehigh University in 1885 to recognize students of distinguished scholarship and exemplary character. There are now 234 collegiate chapters of Tau Beta Pi, which have initiated over 500,876 members.

Advisors – Lexington: Bruce Walcott – 859.257.1182 

                 Paducah: David Silverstein – 270.534.3132

Triangle Fraternity

Triangle is a social fraternity with a membership exclusively for men in the fields of engineering, architecture, and science.

Advisor – Lexington: Bruce Walcott – 859.257.1182

Water Professionals

Water Professionals is an undergraduate and graduate student organization for those interested in the fields of sustainability, water resources engineering, environmental engineering, water, waste water, or related areas.

Advisors – Lexington: Carmen Agouridis – (859) 218-4344
                                   Lindell Ormsbee – (859)-257-1299

Wildcat Pulling Team

The three-time National Champion Wildcat Pulling Team is the Quarter Scale Tractor design competition of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers organization. The team is judged in five categories: a comprehensive design and economic report, oral team presentation, functionality of design, performance, and maneuverability.


Women in Mining

Women in Mining (WIM) is a nationwide organization composed of individuals employed in, associated with, or interested in the mining industry. The Organization is not, however, limited to women only. In addition to providing valuable educational benefits, the WIM organization offers members an opportunity to become acquainted and work with others involved in the mining industry and thereby acquire new personal and professional contacts.

Advisor – Lexington: Alycia Tidrick – 859.257.4596