These scholarships are awarded on the basis of the student’s overall grade point average, writing ability, academic progress in Engineering and leadership potential. The scholarship application gives a good overview of each applicant’s development in those areas. To apply for a UK College of Engineering scholarship, carefully complete the application form.

Applications must be received no later than April 16, 2018 for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Each application will be reviewed by the scholarship committee. The committee will decide if a scholarship will be awarded and if so, the amount of the award.

Recipients will be notified of the award offer by August 1.

Engineering scholarships are awarded for one academic year, in two equal amounts, for the fall and spring semesters.

Students may re-apply for upper class scholarships in the spring of each year.

Most engineering scholarships are partial scholarships ranging from $500 to $5,000.

The College of Engineering offers dozens of specific scholarships. However, one application serves for all engineering scholarships available to upper class students.

Applicants must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and be a full time student.

Honor Loans are also available.

Current Student Scholarship Application 2018-19

Various Scholarships for Women


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