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Bioengineering & Biomechanics

The goal of bioengineering research is to not only enhance our fundamental understanding of biological systems through the application of engineering principles, but also to develop new technologies that can improve medical care.

In the Department of Mechanical Engineering, bioengineering research is focused on the integration of experimental and computational techniques to investigate a diverse range of problems. Some of these include the development of micro-fluidic devices to improve point-of-care diagnostics, using thin film mechanics to increase longevity in dental applications, exploring the dynamics of human/machine interaction and combining medical imaging and finite element modeling to study the effects of heart disease and bone loss. Through strong multidisciplinary collaborations with the UK College of Medicine, which is only a 10 minute walk from the mechanical engineering building, our program is well positioned to enhance bioengineering research in the Bluegrass and beyond.


Research Lab Websites

Computational Biomechanics Lab (Wenk)

Material Response and Cell Mechanics Lab (Grady)

Precision Biosystems Lab (Trinkle)


Associate Professor

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Lighthouse Beacon Foundation Scholar, Associate Professor; Associate Department Chair of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Associate Professor

Lighthouse Beacon Foundation Scholar, Associate Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies, Mechanical Engineering

Jack and Linda Gill Professor; Director of Graduate Studies, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering