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Doctoral student

D1. Shyam Venkatesh (1992), “Combustion of chlorinated hydrocarbons,” Director in technology partnering BAE, NASA Ames Research Center, California

D2. John Baker (1993), “Fluid dynamic instability,” (Major Advisor: S. Singh) Faculty, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa.

D3. Heng Ban (1994), “Coal particle separation,” Faculty, Utah State University.

D4. Cheng Qian (1995), “Flame spread along the vertical corner walls,” Vice President, Weichai Power Col, Ltd.

D5. Liyan Wang (1996), “Thermal sensing in machining process,” (Co-Advisor: I.S. Jawahir), Senior Engineer, Visteron

D6. Jae Um (1996) “Cooling during machining process,” (Major Advisor: L. Chow), Senior Engineer, General Electronics

D7. Ghassan Tashtoush (1997) “Flame spread over liquids,” Dean, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan

D8. Asmund Vego (1997), “Scale modeling of circulating fluidized beds,” Project Manager, Lexmark

D9. Abraham Salazar (1998), “CFD study of automobile assembly plant painting systems.” Manager – Research & Development at Giffin, Inc.

D10. Tianxiang Li (1999), “Coal particle separation,” Research Associate Professor, Washington University in St. Louis.

D11. Liming Yuan (2002), “Formation of soot and carbon nanotubes from flames,” Associate Fellow, National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

D12. Keng Hoo Chuah (2004), Lean Manufacturing,” (Co-Advisor: J. Yingling), Faculty, International University (INTI), Malaysia

D13. Mohamed Omar (2005), “Non-destructive IR testing method,” Faculty and Department Chair, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Khalifa University.

D14. Nu'man Abu-Dheir (2005), “Vibration casting,” (Co-Advisor: M. Khraishere), Faculty, King Fahd University, Saudi Arabia

D15. Wahed Wasel (2006), “CVD synthesis of carbon nanotubes,” Faculty, JACOBS Engineering, Texas.

D16. Vedanth Srinivasan (2007), “CFD simulation on spray paint processes,” Project Engineer, ANSYS, Huston, TX

D17. Belal Gharaibeh (2008), “Paint surface inspection technique,” Faculty, University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan

D18. Nelson Akafuah (2009), “IR characterization of new paint applicators,” Research Faculty, University of Kentucky

D19. John Henninger (2009), “JIT-buffer theory and modeling,” (Co-Advisor: L. Holloway), Lecturer, University of Kentucky

D20. Churn Poh (2011), “Nano particle application for bio-medical research,” (Co-Advisor: Zack Hilt).

D21. Ahmad Salaimeh (2011), “IR thermal inspection system for bio-medical application,” Research Faculty, University of Kentucky

D22. Fang Liu (2014), “Cerium oxide promoted oxygen carrier development and scale modeling study for chemical looping combustion”, Faculty, Chinese University of Mining and Engineering

D23. Yunqing Han (2014), “A study on the theoretical method to evaluate kinetic parameters of solid state reactions”, Postdoctoral Scholar, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

D24. Brittany Adam (2015), “Scale modeling forest fires,” Big Fan Corp. Lexington

D25. Li Yang (2015),”CFD simulation for carbon capturing process” Faculty, Chinese University of Mining and Engineering

D26. Sadegh Poozesh (2015), “Numerical study on inkjet painting system” Faculty, Tuskegee University

D27. David Persley (2018), "Lean Manufacturing" Staff Member, University of Kentucky

D28. Mark Doerre (2020), "Modeling thin fluid film on a rotary bell" Lecturer, University of Kentucky

D29. Ahmad Abubaker (2021), "A theoretical study on integration and optimization of gas turbine problems with solar energy systems " Postdoctoral scholar, University of Villanova 

D30. Adnan Darwish Ahmad (2021), "The role of live conifer fuels in crown fires spread" postdoctoral scholar, University of Kentucky


Master's Student

M1. Sandra Elam (1988, Co-Advisor: R.A. Altenkirch), “Combustion,” NASA Huntsville, AL

M2. Sanjev Jolly (1988), “Scaling in fire research” Vice President of Engineering at Eco Power Solutions 

M3. Wen-Xin Lin (1992), “Corner wall fires,” Owner of Chinese Restaurants

M4. Siru Ling (1993), “Liquid fuel combustion,” Akebono Brake

M5. Samir Dey (1993), “Development of no-vent filling system,” Lex-Com

M6. Vijayakumar Ramasamy (1995, Co-Advisor: C.J. Cremers), “Plasma-enhanced combustion,” Caterpillar

M7. Scot Duncan (1997), “Lean manufacturing,” Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky

M8. Kelly Flannery (1998), “Turbine blade cooling,” Pratt & Whitney

M9. Albert Chong Hooi Cheah (2000), “Cultural aspects of lean manufacturing.” Intel in Malaysia

M10. Sugianto Jasin (2001), “Acoustically enhanced combustion,” GRI.

M11. Neil Erickson (2002), “Lean manufacturing,” Lexmark International

M12. Tapiwa Grupira (2002), “Particle separation technology,” Tribo Flow Separation Inc.

M13. Dave Barnett (2003, Co-Advisor: P. Menguc), “Fire research,” Bullard Inc.

M14. Myron Rickard (2003), “Selective catalysis reduction and energy efficiency,” Cummins Inc.IN

M15. Kunlun Hong (2003), “Lean manufacturing,” Al-Flint, MI

M16. Mongesh Kolhankar (2004), “UV inspection technique in surface coating,” Ellison, CA

M17. V. Kalidindi (2004), “Thermal analysis on dental implants,” TITAN Technology Partners, consultant

M18. Pavan Singh (2004), “Scale modeling of steel teeming process,”

M19. Harley Colbert (2004, Co-Advisor: A. Salazar), “CFD studies on electrostatic effects of paint particle transfer.” FUNAC

M20. S. Penmetsa (2004, Co-Advisor: A. Salazar), “Scale modeling of aluminum melting furnace,” Johnson Control, Georgetown, KY

M21. Ashish Kamat (2004, Co-Advisor: A. Salazar), “Image processing for paint defect detection,” Consolidated Diesel Company, NC

M22. Bradley Pabian (2006), “Hydrogen combustion.” Trane, Lexington, KY

M23. Bradley Toon (2008, Co-Advisor: R. Andrews), “Investigation of blast mitigation material,” Sargent & Lundy, IL

M24. Marc Harik (2010), “Characterization of Defects in Metal Sheets,” Denso, TN

M25. Liu Xu (2010), “Structural analysis of shipping pallets by finite element method.”

M26. Mohamed Kenawey (2012), “Infrared thermography inspection of bridge coating.” Mechanical Development Engineer at Cummins Inc.

M27. William Linnig (2012), “Bio-cokes and alternative fuels.”

M28. Soham Basu (2012), Project option.

M29. Chris Rosenbaum (2012), “Lean application to patient care and medical practice.”

M30. Peiding Wang (2014), ”Numerical simulation of liquid flow from an inkjet painting nozzle.”

M31. Justin English (2014), “Forest Fires.” Lockheed Martin 

M32. Jeremit Fugate (2014), “Safety zone for forest fire fighters.” CMC Manufacturing, Paris, KY

M33. Anthony Adornato (2015), “Characterization of spray and droplets in relation to painting technology, ”Ford Motor Co. Louisville, KY

M34. Nikolay Gustenyov (2017), “Visualization of forest fires.”

M35. Qiang Qi (2017), “Manufacturing and tooling”

M36. Adnan Darwish Ahmad (2020), “Power boosting of combined cycle power plants”

M37. Ricky W. Green II (2021), “Experimental investigation of image distortion in a Mach 6 hypersonic flow”

M38. James Trimpe Jr. (2021), “Waste heat recovery of industrial regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO), a case study”


Postdoctoral Fellows 

P1. Cheng Qian (1995-96), GM

P2. Liyan Wang (4 months in 1996), Visteon

P3. Larry Wang (four months in 1997), Lexmark

P4. Nobuhiro Iwai (1997-99), Nissan, Japan

P5. Ghassan Tashtoush (1998-99), Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan

P6. Liming Yuan (six months in 2002), National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

P7. Abraham Salazar (1998-00), University of Kentucky

P8. Tianxiang Li (2002-05), University of Kentucky

P9. Valerlo Viti (2004-06), Fluent Inc.

P10. Numan Abu-Dehir (2005-06), King Fahd University, Saudi Arabia

P11. Mohamed Omar (2005-06), Clemson University

P12. Kazu Kuwana (Postdoc 2000-03; Research Staff 2003-06), Yamagata University, Japan

P13. Keng Chuah (2004-2006), INTI International University Malaysia, Malaysia

P14. Wahed Wasel (2006-2007), JACOBS Engineering, Texas

P15. Belal Gharaibeh (2007), University of Jordan, Jordan

P16. Nelson Akafuh (2009-2010), University of Kentucky

P17. Jiao Lei (Sep.2010-Feb. 2011), University of Science and Technology of China

P18. Ahmad Salaimeh (2012-2015), University of Kentucky

P19. Zhengchang Song (2014-2015), China University of Mining and Technology

P20. E. Dazhi (2015-16)

P21. Taro Hirasawa (2015-16), Chubu University, Japan

P22. Manabu Fuchihata (2015-16), Kinki University japan

P23. Yuji Nakamura (2017 for three months), Toyohashi University of Technology Japan

P24.Catherine Maware (2021-Present)

P25. Adnan Darwish Ahmad (2022-Present)


Visiting Scholars

V1. Ikuo Tokura (1986-87), Muroran Inst. of Tech., Japan

V2. Masataka Arai (1987-88), Gunma University, Japan

V3. Takao Inamura (1988-89), Tohoku University, Japan

V4. Masatoshi Daikoku (1989-90), Hachinohe Institute of Tech., Japan

V5. Akira Arakawa (1990-91), Tohoku University, Japan

V6. George Sidebotham (summers of 1990 and91), Cooper Union, New York

V7. Akihiko Ito (1991-92), Oita University, Japan

V8. Tetsuya Oizumi (1991-92), Sendai National College of Technology, Japan

V9. Hiroki Ishida (1992-93), Nagaoka National College of Technology, Japan

V10. Akira Narumi (eight months in 1994), Kanagawa Inst. of Technology, Japan

V11. Tomohiro Naruse (eight months in 1996), University of Tokyo, Japan

V12. Yuji Nakamura (1996-97), Nagoya University, Japan

V13. Tadashi Konishi (summer of 1997 and 98), Oita National College of Technology, Japan

V14. Abdel Hamid Hilali (six months in 2000), Helwan University, Egypt

V15. Jun Ishimoto (2000-01), Hirosaki University, Japan

V16. Genichiro Kushida (five months in 2001), Aichi Institue of Technology, Japan

V17.  Hajime Endo (eight months in 2002), Tohoku University, Japan

V18. Mohammed Hassan Ali (2000-03), Helwan University, Egypt

V19. Tamio Ida (six months in 2005), Kinki University, Japan

V20. Kazutaka Kitagawa (2005-06), Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan

V21. Hiroyuki Ito (six months in 2007), Hokkaido University, Japan

V22. Yunardi (three weeks in 2008), Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia

V23. Wageh M. H. Swelm (2008-09), Menoufia University, Egypt

V24. Zhengchang Song (2014-15), China University of Mining and Technology

V25. E Dazhi, (2015-16), Shenyang Fire Research Institute, China

V26. Taro Hirasawa (2015-16), Chubu University, Japan

V27. Manabu Fuchihata (2015-16), Kinki University, Japan