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Toyota Painting Laboratory

This 1,200 square-foot laboratory contains several systems critical to conducting spray atomization and atomizer design research. These equipment includes a Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer (PDPA), a Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) setup, and other equipment, including:

Laser 2Laser DiagnosticsLaser 1

Laser diagnostic techniques have been proven to be invaluable tools for characterizing droplet sizes and size distributions. The understanding of sprays is critical to those industries using or requiring coating of their products.

Rotary BellWet Spray Paint TestingPainting Booth

Testing is conducted in a controlled environment within a booth, using paint applicators such as a high speed rotary bell atomizer and handheld air spray guns for coating experiments. We conduct paint overspray capturing performance study including scrubber design, optimization, and efficiency. Paint transfer efficiency optimization and booth airflow performance are other areas of study.

High-Temperature Oven

Our high-temperature oven is designed for high temperature applications up to 1500oC. The dimensions of the oven compartment are 15x20x25 cm; it has an opening through which air can be purged for cooling needed in applications such as sintering.