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IR4TD mission and philosophy are in line with the University of Kentucky mission of research, education, and outreach and service. Though our mission is to serve the state of Kentucky and the nation, industry, and entire world by following our guide lines.


To solve industry’s technical problems by developing a win-win working relationship with companies, create new ideas and find value-added solutions which are only possible through collaboration.


  • To transfer usable knowledge and skills of true lean systems along with the principles and practices of lean implementation by creating a unique learning experience that includes both classroom and lab exercises for professionals in the field.
  • To create a learning system which enhances the learning process of students, research faculty, visiting, and post-doctoral scholars through sponsored research projects, helping them function in an ever-changing international arena.

Outreach and Service

To fulfill the purpose of research and education by sharing knowledge with both companies and individuals through real solutions to technical problems developed through research; and by offering educational experiences designed for academic accomplishments and professional development; and To enhance the reputation of the University of Kentucky by providing excellent service to all sectors within the Commonwealth of Kentucky, nationally, and internationally.