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IR4TD Director Wins International Combustion Award

Dr. Kozo Saito was awarded the International Prize of CSJ (Combustion Society of Japan) last week in Japan. Read article in UKNow….

Dr. Zheng Cheng Song from China University of Mining and Technology joins IR4TD in May 2014

Dr. Zheng Cheng Song has just joined our group as a visiting scholar and will be conducting research here for one year. He is an expert in coal and coal mine methane combustion research. Please join us and extend a warm welcome to Dr. Song.

Upcoming Graduation of IR4TD Doctoral Student

More celebration accompanies the upcoming graduation of another IR4TD PhD candidate, Yunqing Han. Han has recently passed all of his final presentations and will graduate May 2014. Working with Dr. Kozo Saito and Dr. Tianxiang Li, his thesis was titled “Theoretical Study on Thermal Analysis Kinetics.”

Han has accepted a position as a postdoctoral fellow at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia beginning this summer. Please join us in congratulating Yunqing for his accomplishment.

Collaboration of Scientists from UK, Dunbar Cultivates Success

A scientific collaboration between the University of Kentucky’s Institute of Research for Technology Development (IR4TD) and two Lexington high school students showed real results, when both students were awarded prizes at the Kentucky American Water Science Fair Feb. 8. Read more……

As an update to the story linked above, Kendall Kruszewski placed 3rd in the Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical category of the Central Kentucky Regional Science and Engineering Fair held in early March.

IR4TD Doctoral Student Graduates

We are pleased to congratulate Fang Liu, one of the IR4TD doctoral candidates, for earning his PhD and graduating in December 2013. While a graduate student, Liu researched ways to reduce CO2 emission (one of Green-House gases) from power plants using an innovative Chemical Looping Combustion system.

Fang plans to accept a postdoctoral scholar position at the UK"™s Center for Applied Energy Research to continue his work.

Combustion Seminar held in College


Forman Williams

Professor at UCSD, Member of the National Academy of Engineers, and
Senior Scientific Advisor to UK- IR4TD

November 22, 2013, Seminar 3:00-4:00PM, Reception 4:00-4:30PM

Room 202 RGAN, University of Kentucky

Dr. Williams visited the UK College of Engineering to give his seminar, which was well attended by faculty and students. For more information see the abstract and biography below.

ABSTRACT: The International Space Station (ISS) provides a platform for fundamental microgravity experiments in the biological and physical sciences. As part of the NASA scientific program for ISS, experiments on droplet combustion are being performed. Those experiments, which were designed to study fire safety in spacecraft and elsewhere, have been in progress for more than three years, and more than 500 individual fuel droplets have now been burned in ISS. The microgravity environment affords longer residence times than are available on Earth, enabling investigations of combustion phenomena are not readily studied on the ground. A recent discovery in ISS is that quasi-steady combustion of alkane droplets can be supported by cool flames, a phenomenon not encountered under conditions achievable on the ground. This discovery has recently been selected to receive the NASA award for the most impressive discovery of the year in the physical sciences. The presentation will describe these experimental results, their interpretation, and differences between hot flames and cool flames.

Brief biography of Forman A. Williams: Forman Williams is Professor of Engineering Physics and Combustion in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California, San Diego. He earned a BS degree from Princeton University in 1955 and a PhD in Engineering Sciences from California Institute of Technology in 1958.  From 1958 – 64, Professor Williams taught in the Division of Engineering and Applied Physics at Harvard University; from 1964 – 81, he was Professor at the University of California, San Diego; from 1981 – 88, he was The Robert H. Goddard Chair in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University. In 1988, Professor Williams returned to UCSD to assume his present position. From 1997 - 2006, he accepted an Adjunct Professorship in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Yale University.  He served as the Director of the Center for Energy Research at UCSD from 1991 - 2006, and holds the Presidential Chair in Energy and Combustion Research from the University of California. He has written 400 research articles about his field of specialization, combustion, and his book, Combustion Theory, (second edition in 1985) is a respected treatise on the subject.

IR4TD & ISM members to speak at conference

Dr. Kozo Saito, director of IR4TD, Mark Pittman, IR4TD Business/Liaison Officer , and Dr. Fazleena Bauderdeen, Assoc. Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, will be featured speakers at an AE Risk Management Meeting at Gray Construction April 12, 2013.

Dr. Saito will speak about the recently published Seeds of Collaboration, a compilation of essays about the Toyota Production System. The title of Mr. Pittman's presentation is "So you Want to Start a Company: Brief Reflections on Culture, History and Toyota." Dr. Badurdeen will talk on "The Total Lifecycle-Based Approach to Enabling Sustainable Manufacturing." Dr. Saito and Pittman will also join a panel discussion during the meeting.

Dr. Jun Ishimoto receives award

Dr. Jun Ishimoto an IR4TD International Collaborating Researcher has recently received the Cryogenics Best Paper Award! We would like to congratulate Ishimoto-san on this prestigious award.