fbpx 2020 Painting Technology Workshop | University of Kentucky College of Engineering

2020 Painting Technology Workshop

October 27-29, 2020 from 12:00-4:30 PM EST

For 20 years the PTW has created a bridge between academia and industry to exchange ideas on the most pressing problems and emerging technologies in the painting technology industry. 

Join us in October for our Inaugural Virtual Conference where our topics will include:

  • Disruption and Sustainability 
  • Paint Atomization; Paint Curing; Paint Characterization & Inspection
  • Automation in Painting Technology
  • Applying Innovative Solution Across Industries (pharmaceutical, aerospace, appliances, automotive, glass, structural industries)
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Panel on Disruption

Moderated by Ahmad Salaimeh Director of Painting Technology Consortium

  • Boeing – Jill Seebergh, Senior Technical Fellow
  • DURR – Jim Schafer, Application Manager
  • Ford Motor Company – Timothy Weingartz, Paint Materials & Strategy Manager
  • PPG – Howard Senkfor, Senior Development Chemist Associate
  • University of Kentucky – Rudolph G. Buchheit, Dean of the College of Engineering

Keynote Address

Adapting to Disruptions and Change
Timothy Weingartz, Ford Motor Company


Overspray-free painting: requirements to equipment and material
Oliver Tiedje, Fraunhofer-Institute

Overspray-free paint application, full automation of two-tone painting
Tom Bucknell, DURR

Painting electrostatically with waterborne materials
Dawn Svenkeson-Koubal, Graco

The evolution of automation
Bobb Alloway, Kawasaki Robotics USA

From the ground up – A new painting and hydrographics facility
Eric Rouch, Jones Plastics and Engineering

Thermal imaging method of analyzing the base of the paint coatings
Piotr Nikończuk, West Pomeranian University of Technology

Corrosion mechanisms of lamellar zinc coating for protection of stamped parts
Pascal Nicolas and Benoit Millet, NOF Metal Coatings Group

Applications of spray technology in pharmaceutical development
Patrick Marsac, University of Kentucky

Dependence of contact angle on droplet volume: Why experimental observations refute current theories
Warren J. Jasper, North Carolina State University

Measurement of plasma-induced changes in the sedimentation properties of a white pigment
Martin Nieto-Perez, CICATA Queretaro - Instituto Politecnico Nacional

Measurement of PMMA IR emissivities at elevated temperatures
Michael Winter, University of Kentucky

Surface analysis and paint inspection
Matthew Freese and Drew Graybeal, Keyence Corporation of America

Hyundai integrated paint application system
Azharudeen M, Sathish Balasubramaniam, and Gideon Samuel, Hyundai Motor India Ltd.

Rotary bell paint atomizer employed to fight COVID-19
Mark Dion, DURR

This new reality gives new opportunities for a better and more sustainable way
Darren Tosh, University of Kentucky

Effect of operating conditions on remote thickness measurement
Ahmad Salaimeh, University of Kentucky

Safe, Clean, UV laser ablation for composite surface preparation
Marc Froning, Boeing

Improvements to paint circulation
Jason Willoughby, Graco

Workshop Details

Attendees: Attendees include professionals from academia, government, and manufacturing suppliers of paint, robotics, booths, pumps or software, and end-users such as OEM automotive manufacturers.  Presenters, exhibitors and participants will include plant and product engineers, management, and faculty.

Keynote Addresses: Confirmed for the 2020 PTW Keynotes (each 45 minutes followed by Q&A, 60 minutes total) will be announced soon

Registration Fees: Registration structure for PTW2020 is built on several tiers to promote idea exchange, create a wider community painting technology interest

      a. $1000 individual 
      b. $3000 for 3-5 individuals
      c. $5000 for 6-20 individuals
      d. No fee required for presenters 

Platform: Microsoft Teams

Download the latest version of Microsoft Teams here before the conference.

Presenting and Poster Session Information

Author Submissions: Authors are asked to submit an abstract and a title to Dr. Ahmad Salaimeh ahmad.salaimeh@uky.edu , and they are expected to deliver either presentation or a poster. Authors will be informed of their approval to present by Dr. Salaimeh on behalf of the PTW technical organizing committee of a decision on their style by October, 1st, 2020.

Presentations and Presentation Guidelines: Each presentation lasts 20 minutes, followed by Q&A (30 minutes total). Please contact us if you wish to present at PTW.  Please note that all presentations focus on the technical merit of painting, and not the promotion of any products or services during the presentations.

Posters Sessions Information: Posters will be exhibited in a poster session and authors are encouraged to be in those session to facilitate discussion and idea exchange. Poster sessions will be held as breakout rooms with 15 minutes allotted for them, each poster is one page. The Registration fee will be waived for poster presenters.

Publishing Proceedings: Both posters and presentations will be subject to selection to be published in a special edition in the Journal of Coating Technology and Research. Authors will be approached by November,1st with a decision to submit to the journal special edition and will be given adequate time to write a manuscript in accordance with the Journal of Coating Technology and Research Authors Guidelines.

For more information please visit the Journal of Coating Technology and Research, PTW2020 announcement.

Electronic Abstracts, Presentations, and Posters will be shared with the attendees after authors have given their consent and submitted the appropriate material to the organizers.

For more information

For Technical Information: Ahmad Salaimeh - 859-218-3639
For Registration Information: Sandra Dunn - 859-257-4886

PTW2020 Organizing Committee

Kozo Saito (University of Kentucky, Program Director)
Ahmad Salaimeh (University of Kentucky, Technical Leader)
Scott Adams (Boeing)
Nelson Akafuah (University of Kentucky)
Scott Clifford (Fanuc)
Kevin Ellwood (Ford)
Xinyu Lu (PPG)
Ali Monazahian (Kawasaki Robotics)
Piotr Nikonczuk (West Pomeranian University of Technology, Poland)
Jim Pakkala (DURR)
Gabriela Patrick (Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America)
Martin Neito Perez (Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico)
Srinivasan Chandrasekaran Rasipuram (University of Louisville)
Oliver Tiedje (Fraunhofer institute)
Jason J. Willoughby (Graco)
Sandra Dunn
Ownie McBride