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Painting Technology

Painting Technology Consortium

The University of Kentucky Painting Technology Consortium (PTC) joined research and industrial resources to develop a new generation of painting technology with higher energy efficiency and environmental friendliness than what was used on commercial products. Since a majority of manufacturers use paint on their finished products, and stricter environmental regulations governing the painting process are being enacted regularly, the need for a more effective painting technology was and still is clear.

The Consortium brought together a renowned team of researchers who conducted research in six main areas:

  • Paint spraying and transfer efficiency
  • Paint overspray capturing
  • Paint curing and drying
  • Painted surface finish monitoring and control
  • Paint-related waste recycling and disposal
  • Smart paint material

In recent years the Consortium was integrated into IR4TD to continue exploring current issues with painting technology, and conduct the Painting Technology Workshop.

2020 Painting Technology Workshop: October 27-29

Learn more about the 2020 Painting Technology Workshop here