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Chemical and Materials Engineering

Michael L. Marberry, BSChE 1981, MSChE 1983

Michael Marberry is known for new ideas, strategic initiatives and a vision of the future – and he has demonstrated those abilities on an international scale.

A native of Paducah, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering from the University of Kentucky in 1981, graduating with high distinction. Throughout his career, he has taken on positions of increasing responsibility. His strategies will shape the future of J.M. Huber Corporation, where he now serves as President and CEO.

Mark D. Whitley, MSChE 1975

M.S. in Chemical Engineering, 1975

When Mark Whitley began working for Shell Oil Company in 1975, he was sent to a fracturing job on the McAllen Ranch in south Texas. Since that day, Whitley has become widely known for revolutionizing the energy industry by the application of fracturing technology (popularly known as fracing or fracking) to shale formations across the United States.

William Todd Johnson, BSMET 1979

B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science, 1979

When Todd Johnson graduated from Daviess County High School in 1972, he had no intention of going to college. After seven straight midnight shifts at a local aluminum plant, however, Johnson decided college was for him after all. At the University of Kentucky, Johnson became the first metallurgical engineering student to Co-op. His Co-op experience at Armco Steel resulted in Johnson receiving several job offers upon graduating in 1979.

Gregory R. Carmichael, MSChE 1976, Ph.D 1979

M.S. in Chemical Engineering 1976
Ph.D in Chemical Engineering 1979
Gregory R. Carmichael is the Karl Kammermeyer Professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at the University of Iowa. In his 37-year career at the University of Iowa, Carmichael has become a leading authority in the areas of environmental engineering, atmospheric science and air quality through numerous research initiatives, publications and awards.

Wayne Purdom, BSChE 1969

B.S. in Chemical Engineering, 1969

During Wayne Purdom’s 44-year career in the refining industry, he has become a recognized leader in applied process safety management, improving business unit performance, personnel selection and development, litigation and emergency response. In the United States and abroad, Mr. Purdom has consistently demonstrated leadership in both normal and abnormal situations, as well as entrepreneurial instincts that have increased business unit safety, efficiency and profitability.

W. Terry Strange, BSChE 1972, MSChE 1974

B.S. Chemical Engineering 1972

M.S. Chemical Engineering 1974

Terry Strange’s career path has spanned three continents over the course of nearly 40 years.

Born in Louisville, Mr. Strange earned a B.S. and M.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Kentucky.

A strong work ethic has been a driving force since his days as a student, when he typically put in 40 hours a week to pay his way through college.

Carlos A. Cabrera, BSChE 1973

B.S. Chemical Engineering 1973

Carlos Cabrera has demonstrated excellence in engineering, management and leadership. His innovations will have a lasting effect on one of the world’s leading companies in its field.

UOP, the company he has served throughout his career, has benefited from his ability as an engineer, his effectiveness in international settings, his business development skills and now his leadership and vision for the future as president and CEO.