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Alumni Engagement and Events


  • Strengthen the network of UK Engineering Alumni around the country and support engagement of current engineering students.
  • Increase UK Engineering Alumni involvement in on-campus and off-campus events.
  • Strengthen the affinity of UK Engineering Alumni with the College of Engineering as a whole.

Summary of Chair Responsibilities

The Chair for the Alumni Engagement and Events Committee of the UKEAA serves as an officer on the Board’s Executive Committee. The primary responsibilities of the Chair are the planning, coordination, and implementation of the Board’s student and alumni events as well as maintaining information on career opportunities for graduates.

Working Relations With

The UKEAA Board President and Executive Committee, UK College of Engineering Offices of Alumni and Philanthropy and Career Services.

Board Membership

Along with the Chair, the Alumni Engagement and Events Committee will occupy a total of three to five seats on the UKEAA Board. Each Board member representing the committee will be responsible for the goals and objectives as stated. Length of service correlates with each individual’s UKEAA Board term limits.


Superior planning and organizing skills, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and the ability to work well with members of the community, University staff, faculty, and students.

Summary of Committee Responsibilities

The Alumni Engagement and Events Committee of the Engineering Alumni Association Board serves as a catalyst to promote volunteerism among the Engineering Alumni body, to involve more Alumni in events and opportunities, and to increase the visibility of the Engineering Alumni Association among engineering alumni, faculty, and students.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • To assist in the planning and/or execution of College of Engineering events.

  • To develop and maintain a list of diverse and engaging speakers from the Engineering Alumni Association.

  • To support College of Engineering student organizations by connecting Engineering alumni with students.

  • To assist with UKEAA Board membership needs.

  • To work with the College of Engineering’s Office of Career Services for hiring and placements.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the UKEAA Board Executive Committee or full Board.


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