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Scholars in Engineering and Management (SEAM) Pathway through UK Honors

SEAM is a collaborative program between the College of Engineering and the Gatton College of Business that accepts both engineering and business applicants. The program offers cross-functional classes and activities designed to complement a student’s chosen major. Ultimately this produces a pool of entrepreneurial-minded individuals and attractive, unique talent for potential employers nationwide.   

Graduates of UK Honors/SEAM are more marketable to industries since they enjoy exposure to best business practices as well as visit with and hear from successful industry representatives.

Engineering SEAM graduates obtain a business background without an MBA. However, SEAM is a feeder program for the University of Kentucky’s BS/MBA program. Please see more details here. Business graduates have the knowledge and experience gained from four years of teaming with technology-minded individuals.

SEAM freshman majoring in engineering or computer science have the opportunity to live in the Engineering Living Learning Community. SEAM freshman majoring in business have the opportunity to live in the Lewis Honors College Living and Learning Community. This community provides activities dedicated to the various disciplines found in an engineering enterprise, tutoring and mentoring by upper-class students and Interactions with faculty and staff from both colleges. New Location: Woodland Glen III.

In order to be eligible for SEAM participation, high school seniors should be planning to major in either engineering or business.  Applicants must have at least a 3.5 unweighted GPA and at least a 28 composite ACT score (or SAT score of 1240 or higher). We look closely at extracurricular activities in order to assess leadership and team skills, as well as evidence of well-rounded individuals.

In order to apply to UK Honors/SEAM, please begin the general UK application process. Within the application process, you will see a prompt to apply to Lewis Honors College. You will then have the option of reviewing and selecting specialized pathways, including SEAM.


Contact Us

For more information on applying to UK Honors/SEAM, please contact:

Dr. Kimberly W. Anderson
  Associate Dean for Administration and Academic Affairs
  355J F. Paul Anderson Tower
  College of Engineering
  University of Kentucky

Jennifer Doerge
  Director of Advising and Engineering Student Services
  355P F. Paul Anderson Tower
  College of Engineering
  University of Kentucky