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Young Alumni Philanthropy Council

Amna Al-Jumaily
2019, Chemical Engineering
Marathon Petroleum Corporation
professional headshot of maya anthony
2014, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
Innomotics - A Siemens Business
2021, Computer Science
Phosphorus Cybersecurity Inc.
professional headshot of isabella bowling

Isabella Bowling

2023 Electrical Engineering
Texas Instruments
2010, Chemical Engineering
Old Dominick Distillery
2018, Computer Science and Computer Engineering
Kentucky Horse Racing Commission
2018, Chemical Engineering
professional headshot daniel dailey
2023, Chemical Engineering
PhD Student - Columbia University
2007, Chemical Engineering
Eastman Chemical Company
2019, Mining Engineering
2018, Civil Engineering
Leerink Partners
2019, Chemical Engineering
Toyota Motor North America
2014, Civil Engineering
2016, MS in Civil Engineering
professional headshot of kyle hogue
2016, Civil Engineering
Vanessa Holloway
2015, Materials Engineering
Booz Allen Hamilton
Ashley Hood-Morley
2007, Chemical Engineering
Plastics Industry Association

Andrew Jenkins

2007, Electrical Engineering
Trane Technologies
professional headshot of logan johnson
2016 Mechanical Engineering
professional headshot of sydney kolnsberg
2023 Materials Science & Engineering
Sazerac Company
2017, Chemical Engineering
Wacker Polysilicon North America
2007, Civil Engineering
2018, Civil Engineering
professional headshot of rachel monroe
2020 Chemical Engineering
Marathon Petroleum Corporation
2014, Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering
Tenet Healthcare
2020, Chemical Engineering
Marathon Petroleum Corporation
professional headshot of tyler owens
2017, Mechanical Engineering
Cummins Inc.
professional headshot of jess ozier
2018, Chemical Engineering
Michter's Distillery
2007, BSCE Civil Engineering
2008, MSCE Civil Engineering
2017, PhD Civil Engineering
2021, Mechanical Engineering
Marathon Petroleum Corporation
professional headshot of mika roberts
2019, Mechanical Engineering
2017, Civil Engineering
professional headshot of stephanie sharp
2015, Civil Engineering
Turner Construction Company
2017, Computer Engineering
2013, Electrical Engineering
Amazon Web Services
2019, Electrical Engineering
2018, Civil Engineering
2019, MS Civil Engineering
Marine Solutions, Inc.
2013, Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering
Bio-Rad Laboratories
professional headshot of ronald vogler
2021 Chemical Engineering
Graduate Research Fellow - University of Texas at Austin
2019, Civil Engineering
Columbia Gas of Kentucky