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It's interesting learning in our chemistry classes and our physics classes, but the time that school actually feels real is when we get to do real things in lab. Where we get to see the grain structures of the metals, and we get to break polymers, and we get to break glasses and see how they shatter and how loud they shatter and compare all of these different things that you wouldn't even know to consider before coming here.

So UK engineering actually has a lot to offer with respect to the diversity of the lab atmosphere. We have the solar car team, which works on their projects and they go out and compete with that. Then the mechanical engineering department will use UAV lab to help study turbulence and things like that.

And we have a lot of professors working with gas dynamics computer simulations. Just down the hallway, Dr. Winter he has this Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Chamber, which is taking these gases and ionizing them and bring them together and creating this plasma fusion that's interesting for energy applications and potential space propulsion applications. And across the hallway, we have the Anechoic Sound Chamber, which is good for studying engine noise and other noises like that.

The best thing about the hands-on experience here is that it's real. They don't just say here's your procedure, go play with the equipment. They say, here's a problem, go do a research experiment and get an answer.