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Student Organizations

  • The college offers over 40 student organizations covering all majors and nearly any engineering interest.
  • Membership in honor societies and student chapters of professional organizations provide outlets for professional development and service opportunities.
  • Several student organizations compete in intercollegiate engineering competitions that allow you to put your engineering and teamwork skills into action!
  • View all of our student organizations here.

The best way any student in the College of Engineering can be involved is definitely by joining student organizations. We have dozens of engineering student organizations on campus. And as soon as you're able to join, you definitely get to show how passionate and creative you can be.

So when I was looking around for clubs to join, I personally found it very easy to find one that fit my interests and similar people in that regard. But also, I saw a need for an engineering organization for Hispanic engineers. And I found a couple of other students, and within a semester, we were able to start our own organizations and create an atmosphere.

My main role is the Student Manager of Kentucky Racing. And with that role, I'm definitely helping developing and improving the relationships both teams have with each other at the College of Engineering and the university. So when you're working with all these other students, you're definitely getting a lot of hands-on experience with what you're doing. And you get a lot of experience working on various group-based projects. And when you're doing that, you're always learning more about teamwork, more about yourself, and ultimately how to make this team a better group.