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Biopharmaceutical Engineering Certificate

The explosive growth of knowledge in life sciences in the ’90s and the accelerated growth of research and development in the pharmaceutical industry became the driving force for our Biopharmaceutical Engineering Program.  The objective of this program is to diversify the knowledge base and the marketability of our chemical engineering graduates so that they can make significant contributions to the pharmaceutical industries.

The biopharmaceutical field is a rapidly developing area separated into upstream (drug formulation and development process) and downstream (process and manufacturing) components, with chemical engineering playing a critical role in both of these areas. The future of this field will depend upon innovative new engineers who are able to easily communicate with people on either side.  The goal of this program is to provide students a cohesive view of basic biopharmaceutical principles so that they can more readily apply their engineering skills to this diverse discipline.

How does the program work?

Students enrolled in this track will complete the chemical engineering core curriculum with additional courses important in the biopharmaceutical area.

They will receive a Bachelor of Sciences in Chemical Engineering with a Certificate in Biopharmaceutical Engineering.  Hence, they will be ready for jobs in both the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.  Additional courses include:

BCH 401G - Biochemistry (3)
PHS 522 - Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Development (3)
CME 575 - Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Engineering (3)
PGY 206 - Physiology (3)

Electives (6h total):
CME 573 - Drug Delivery: Advanced Pharmaceutics (3)
CME 570 - Biotechnology: Interfaces and Devices (3)
CME 395 - Undergraduate Research (research must be on a related topic) (3)

Admission Requirements

Students will apply to the program in the fall semester of their sophomore year.  Due to the demanding nature of this Certificate program, students applying must have a 3.3 GPA and receive a B or better in Process Principles (CME 200).  Students must also go through a selective interview process.


Our department offers this track in collaboration with the UK College of Pharmacy. The UK College of Pharmacy is one of the top 10 pharmacy schools in the country.  As part of the track, students will be taking courses in the UK College of Pharmacy, finishing with a laboratory practical course including a section on Good Manufacturing Practices, the regulatory methods used to ensure patient safety and product quality.



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Daniel W. Pack, Ph.D.
Ashland Inc. Chair in Chemical Engineering
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Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
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