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UK College of Engineering Launches a Lean Ergonomics Certification Course

Don’t see a connection between lean systems and ergonomics? You should - ergonomics is an efficiency issue and we can prove it. One third of all injuries and illnesses, plus 40 percent of all workmen’s compensation claims are caused by an ergonomic failure.

This is costly to the company, the employee, and the economy. Eliminating waste is a basic principle of lean, and clearly poor ergonomics is a form of waste. The practice of True Lean™ also stresses the importance of people and taking care of them mentally, physically, and socially. If employees don’t feel safe, they will not be engaged.

Ergonomics affects everyone who works and spans all fields. Attendees learn to evaluate both processes and workstations, and how to improve them. Most importantly, they learn to practice preventive ergonomics. Personnel who would benefit most include those in human resources, safety and health, purchasing, production management, workmen’s compensation, health care and more than can be listed here. There are just as many ways that the course can be of value as there are personnel who seek to improve their workplace.

The course instructors are Steve Davis, founder of Ergonauts, who has over 20 years’ experience teaching ergonomics, and Luther Cottrell, a lean practitioner with the Lean Systems Program and former Toyota executive. Both ran a pilot course in October 2017 and invited several people with expertise in the field to attend and give feedback.

“As a certified occupational health nurse specialist, I look for certified training to increase my knowledge and skills with workplace injuries and productivity. The certification course developed by the UK Lean Systems Program does a remarkable job combining Lean and Ergonomics to strategically prevent employee injuries and increase productivity. I strongly recommend attending.” Peggy Ann Berry, PhD, RN, COHN-S, SHRM-SCP, PLNC

“Becoming a Certified Lean Ergonomist has completely changed my perspective. The CLE training and certification program has clearly highlighted the importance for organizations to have a systems approach to preventing risk factors from entering the work place to begin with. I can without reservation recommend the CLE to any individual or organization that wants to implement world class best practices in developing their ergonomics systems. I’ve become a trusted advisor to my customers and that’s priceless!” Ann Redmond, CLE

“I highly recommend a week long Certificate in Lean Ergonomics (CLE) course for anyone who is interested in delving deeper into the lean and efficient management and practice of ergonomics. The material covered empowers you to oversee lean ergonomic processes while improving efficiency and production. It combines the best of the Japanese systems and American systems for an approach that emphasizes teamwork, and methods to fix problems for good.” …..Dr. Earl Blair, CSP CLE

For training of such high caliber with certification, the price offered is a great value. Neither lean training and experience nor previous ergonomic knowledge is required to take the course. Holders of the Lean Systems Certification should consider adding the Lean Ergonomics Certificate to enhance their marketability. If you are involved in lean, health, or safety consider adding a CLE to your credentials in 2019.