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Dr. Thapliyal Receives Award for DSP from KS&EF

ECE Professor Dr. Himanshu Thapliyal has received an award from the Kentucky Science and Energy Foundation entitled “Energy-Efficient Digital Signal Processor Based on Reversible Nanomagnetic Logic”. This project’s goal is to develop a digital signal processor that will be energy efficient in nature using spin-based electronic devices in conjunction with the principle of reversible computing. Applications of DSP include digital photo cameras, MP3 players, digital television, mobile phones to automobiles, and advanced medical imaging equipment; however, DSP computations have a high electricity budget which can cumulatively exceed millions of dollars. Spin-based electronic devices may be able to vastly increase speed and/or reduce power dissipation compared to traditional ‘charge-based’ electronic devices. Dr. Himanshu’s work is advancing the field of a complete ultra-low-power reversible processors that can work beyond the thermodynamic limits of computation.