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Candice Wallace, Ph.D.

  • Kentucky Transportation Center

Senior Research Scientist




    Candice Wallace is a Senior Research Scientist in Economics, Finance, and Multimodal Transportation. Dr. Wallace’s research efforts focus on a variety of issues, including financial analysis and evaluation for highway and inland waterway freight transportation, policy analysis and implementation, and local economic development. In addition to serving in a research capacity at the Kentucky Transportation Center, Candice is one of the Center’s trained facilitators. Her facilitation training has been utilized to assist in the prioritization of funded research at the state level and within University organizations for strategic planning and implementing organizational change. Most recently, her facilitation skills have been integrated in a project management training course with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and in identifying Natural Hazards in statewide Highway Districts. Dr. Wallace has been with the Kentucky Transportation Center since 2004, working across transportation areas such as Freight and Logistics, Intelligent Transportation Systems, and Policy Planning and Management. She holds a PhD with a concentration in Economic Geography from the University of Kentucky, along with a Graduate Certificate in Transportation Planning and Systems Management and a Masters of Public Policy and Administration. Candice earned a BA in Political Science from University of Kentucky.