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Erin Lammers, BSCE

  • Kentucky Transportation Center

Research Engineer




Erin Lammers is a research engineer with KTC’s Traffic & Safety program. Ms. Lammers began her career at KTC as a graduate student, where she studied seatbelt usage. She was hired full time in 2017 and continues to be involved in managing the annual statewide seatbelt usage project. Her research expertise includes network routing analysis, traffic control methods, geometric design and data management, roadway treatment evaluations, and chemical aspects of transportation. Notable published works include a series of case studies on GIS tools, an evaluation of methods for determining curve advisory speeds, and an examination of the use of a zipper merge in work zones. Ms. Lammers holds a BS in Chemistry and a BS in Civil Engineering, both from the University of Kentucky. She is a member of the American Chemical Society and the Kentucky Section of the Institute for Transportation Engineers, where she served as the President of the student section.