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Issam Harik, Ph.D.

  • Kentucky Transportation Center

Program Manager




Dr. Issam Elias Harik is the Raymond-Blythe Professor of Civil Engineering, and Program Manager of the Structures Program at the Kentucky Transportation Center. He received his PhD from Wayne State University in Detroit in 1982 and joined the University of Kentucky the same year. His research interests are in the areas of fiber reinforced polymer composite components and structures, structural evaluation and retrofit of bridges, natural and man-made hazard management of highway structures, field testing of bridges, and structural health monitoring and remote sensing of highway structures. Since joining the University of Kentucky in August 1982, Dr. Harik has directed or co-directed the research on more than 95 funded projects and is currently directing or co-directing 12 research projects. He has directed or is currently directing the research of more than 50 visiting professors/post-docs/scholars, 95 graduate students, 55 undergraduate students, and 20 high school students. He currently serves as a member of 9 societies and 9 committees. He has organized and chaired national and international conferences, workshops, and technical sessions. He has authored or co-authored more than 320 technical publications.

Research Interests