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Charlie Sun, Ph.D., PE

  • Kentucky Transportation Center

Senior Research Engineer




    Dr. Charlie Sun joined KTC as a full-time Research Engineer in 1998. He is a principal investigator or co-principal investigator on a number of projects involving soil-structure interactions on transportation structures, numerical modeling for pavements with geosynthetic reinforcement, instrumentation on transportation structures, and smart in-situ dynamic data acquisition system development. Dr. Sun’s research interests are in structural health monitoring, analysis and field testing of pavement structures and foundations, real-time remote monitoring field activities, and database web applications. He has published more than 40 papers and research reports. He maintains memberships with ASTM International, North American Geosynthetics Society, and American Society of Civil Engineers. In addition to research experience, he worked at a structural design company where he designed buildings including a Marriott hotel, hospitals, restaurants, churches, retaining walls, foundations, and bridge abutments. Dr. Sun received his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Engineering Mechanics and Experimental Mechanics at Zhejiang University in China. He came to the University of Kentucky in 1992 and received both a Master’s and PhD in Structural Engineering. Dr. Sun is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Kentucky.