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Nancy Albright, MSCE, PE

  • Kentucky Transportation Center





Nancy Albright is a research engineer with the Special Projects and Initiatives program. She spent 25 years with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC), where she worked in the areas of Planning, Program Management, Intelligent Transportation Systems, and Maintenance. 15 years of her KYTC career were focused on the maintenance and operation of the state’s highways, which continues to be her passion. She served on the Cabinet’s Executive Leadership Team for 3 years. At KTC, Ms. Albright is leading the development of a Field Operations Guide Supplement for maintenance crews statewide and is coordinating an effort to document the Cabinet’s implementation of KTC’s research. Ms. Albright holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Civil Engineering, both from University of Kentucky. She is Chair of the Scholarship Committee of the American Society of Civil Engineers.